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The Journey 50 Hz For 1080P Drama

story=During the 2006 Northern Ireland peace talks, Sinn Fein leader Martin McGuinness (Colm Meaney) and Democratic Party leader Ian Paisley (Timothy Spall) are forced to travel by car together

1 h, 34Minutes

actor=John Hurt

Directed by=Nick Hamm


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— star=Jim Stuurman; creator=Tomas Kaan; Release Date=2009; countries=Netherlands; We are boys is a story about growing up and what it means to be a boy. Jim and Sam are best friends. They've known each other forever and spend their days pestering their neighbors, sailing their boat and catching frogs. But in a year's time Jim - the oldest of the pair - will leave the village to go to secondary school. And Sam will stay behind. As the story unfolds it becomes clear that this could be the last summer the two best friends will spend together Read more

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— Country: France / 2006 / audience Score: 17 vote / writed by: Thierry Bourcy / 1 h 30 m Read more

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movie info Based on Conversations with an actual necrophile, GHOULISH is the story of a peculiar man (James Letteri) who details the events in his life that led to his need to perform necrophilia. After acting out some violent fantasies, Henry is sent to court-ordered Psychiatrist Dr. Vanessa Ortiz (Felissa Rose) to work out his issues. As Dr. Ortiz attempts to get to the root of Henry's perverse fetishes, she realizes he may soon be attempting to turn his grisliest fantasies into a gruesome reality

Star James Lewis Letteri

Ratings 9,6 of 10


Duration 1 h, 22 min

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— brief: Following the apparent heart attack and death of a controversial radio talk-show host, a cynical detective's nagging hunch that sinister forces are at play, drives him to doggedly pursue a killer only he is convinced exists. A savvy and compassionate Priest ultimately helps the detective unravel a series of mysteriously coded numerical clues, leading to the detective's discovery of a murderous plot, while in the process, also discovering something far more significant to believe in; runtime: 1H, 44 Minute; Release Date: 2016; country: USA; Directed by: Michael Jordan Mayo Read more

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— Comedy / Mahoro ekimae kyôsôkyoku is a movie starring Eita, Ryûhei Matsuda, and Kengo Kôra. One of the handyman duo finds himself in a jam when he ends up being the caretaker of the other's daughter, and gets caught up in the dealings of a / Country: Japan / Duration: 124 Min / liked It: 157 Votes Read more

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— Russia user ratings 6,6 of 10 Anatoli Grebnev rating 20 votes Filming "I'll blow", with so familiar to viewers chases and gunfights are held in the former rest house of cinematographers. The young director tries to shoot as much as possible following scenario venerable playwright Read more

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  1. countries - UK
  2. duration - 88 m
  3. cast - Oliver Chris
  4. Prince Charles' fictional accession to the throne following the Queen's death. When he refuses to sign a controversial bill into law, political chaos ensues: a constitutional crisis, street riots and a tank in front of Buckingham Palace
  5. Genres - Sci-Fi
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