Apple Szerelmes dallamok genre drama

Published on January 4, 2020, 11:37 pm — Comedy

Szerelmes dallamok


I wasn't familiar with either of the two leads in this film, and after seeing the brief description in the local guide, thought I might watch it for all of, say, five minutes.
However, I found it to be a straightforward story, presented in a realistic fashion, with two wholly-engaging leads, who were likable as well as believable.
It is refreshing to see a story - whether on film or stage - presented without a trace of exaggeration or forced drama, which still holds one's interest, and a feeling for the characters.
This movie, in my opinion, achieved that - far better than most big-screen and big-budget presentations with a bevy of "A" list Hollywood superstars.
I believe what most of us want is to be entertained and to view a story with characters whom we we like. Although some performances and story lines are designed to have a hard edge, tragedy, and where the cast are supposed to be less than likable. it is always a plus to see those where we can feel good after viewing.
This one provides all you could ask from a well-designed and well-acted film. While "Lifetime's" are largely average, and sometimes well-below, this one is a commendable, A-class" effort.

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