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Nice video, great quality. I bet the hot chick is just some guy playing a female avatar. It's just GTA in real life. I took me too long to find that out. Breaks a mans arm “I am sorry” Only a Canadian would say that. This one remind me a lot to Fargo series themes style :V. This sounds like something out of LISA. How could she let that guy go. Estelle Back To Love it's the song in the middle. . Tom Cruise isn't effing around. If he's cast for Interstellar 2, he will actually go to a black hole event horizon, no cgi, and come back to talk about it on the tonight show. lol. T H I S L O O K S A M A Z I N G.




As much as I wanted Rachel to end up w/ Ethan... still I want how the movie ends... happily ever after w./ Dex. Coz in real life... that's not how it ends... Oh wait! Why I am even affected? Silly me :D.

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What a waste of money they used for the production of this movie. Play the video at 2x speed. What do the cats consume. Was filmed in my home town. The home used has been in several movies. The part i hated so much about this movie. was they decided to film an outdoor scene downtown with huge snowbanks. 1 week after my town removed them. so they litterally put the snow back. lol. See here Sox Watch movie watch online Watch Sox Online Tube. Whom Sox HOW MANY #SoX Link'Sox To read SOX Sox To read... I loved this movie. I finally found it. Tom Cruise: I want to actually fly and drive the Cruiser. Insurance companies: Tom enough.

John kransinski is a 100% hotter than that guy, girlie was so dumb for choosing the tom cruise look-a-like hmph. Love Jodie Comers accent, like she is leveling up since Killing Eve. This movie made me feel some typa way. All I know is that Darcy broke the girl code in the beginning lol stop hating on Rachael. I would take Jim not Darcy. I'm going to make a YouTube video of Joseph saying I am your father then the video cuts to the actual father (that preist in johns land ) and track 2 audio from guardians of the galaxy we he says he may have been your father, but he ain't yo daddy. 1 million kids after watching this movie: I wanna be a pilot when I grow up! 1 million kids 10 years later: It's your turn to clean the latrine.





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