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Published on January 13, 2020, 12:33 am — Comedy

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This movie made me tear a little. This is the best South Korean film I've watch. ❤. It's a greatttrt movie. I couldn't stop crying. this types of movies are only made in korea💜💜💜love kdrama,kpop and kmovies😍😍. I have seen the movie... I was great and a tear jerker, been crying every 15 minutes lol I just dont get the last part, why are they going to fight the army of monsters? Does the captain have a beef with the final God? I dont get why the final God pretend to be one of the guardian. So any captain here can explain? Thank you. I've watched this movie, so freakin good, highly recommended. specially the last part, it made my eyes wet, sorry bad english but still, you'll need to watch this one. Kust watched this earliee this afternoon and i cried a lot...

Looks good. Who is here because of taeyong of nct u recommend it. Will it be broadcast.



This movie makes me you realized a tae the best

Must Watch. This movie is about a person' soul going through 7 levels in Hell for judgements after death. Awesome CG and great story. Is that D.O. He look soooooooo adorable. heart.

While I was watching this, I cried so much.  Seriously, one of my top movies of 2018

Presne. dost o jeho inteligencii vypoveda aj slovicko biť. This movie allows me to have hope that live action anime adaptation can be super great. This movie gave me goosebumps... hays... amazing. Gonna watch it cause KyungSoo is in it. I just watch it yesterday. Just one word to say. MASTERPIECE movie. 10/10. Okay for those of you who are confused: It's okay to be confused because it's so much better if you're familiar with the Asian folklore about the afterlife. In Korea, after a person dies, we have this thing called Sa goo je which directly translates into four nine ritual. It's this ceremony that's supposed to last forty-nine days from the point the person has died. In the story, each dead person goes through a trial once a week and has 7 trials in 7 different hells. They judge the dead spirit to see if they had done any of the crimes listed, or how great it was: murder, laziness, lie, injustice, betrayal, violence, and bad deeds to parents. If they pass all 7 trials, they get to live their next lives. If they fail, they end up serving their punishment, which is different depending on the type of hell they are sentenced guilty in. In the folklore, however, there are different ways you can end up: if you do terrible, you are trapped in hell forever, while if you were simply bad, you end up living a life as an animal. If you were pretty fine and passed all of the trials, you live a life as a human. If you were absolutely great, you get to go to heaven. Kim Ja Hong, however, seems to have been great in his life since he was a firefighter and died while saving a girl. But there's a lot of twists, so keep your eye out for them! Oh, and a paragon means a noble (not as in rank, but in morale) person. Dunno about y'all, but this is definitely going down as the best movie ive ever seen in my life.

Proč by to měl být čech. Great Storyline... Great Cast... Overall Great Movie... 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.




The ending of this movie is so heart breaking. No punk or smug? Wow ok unless I'm missing something. Am I the only one who saw Ganon being resurrected. Please man, make it sure that everyone gets companion I've still didn't get any. Geez I cried so hard just barely watching this on Hulu lol. That moment when you're in top 10, but you started seeing kills from 亚洲人. You wife dies and comes back in the body of a 20-something year old. Umm. hell yeah. Daebak! D.O of EXO was der so it is much interesting. And Cha tae-hyun of My Sassy GirL i know he's really gud in acting... They wish their game would look and run like this trailer.

0:17 It's Majora's mask! Maybe this means their working on a remake

Seems like everybody jumping on the bandwagon slating this film as most comments are negative. This was a good watch and my only gripe is that the ending could have been most films. It will be live on Universal Sports (TV) and there will be a live webcast on usagymworlds (dot) com. Ako sa vola song od 1:35. Wow! Nicholas Cage's resume probably says I'm willing to star in any SHIT movie for a paycheck.






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