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Parer's War writer Alison Nisselle



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So Damian Parer is someone I have been interested in for a while, ever since reading 'One Crowded Hour' about another legendary Australian cameraman Neil Davis. Let me share The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.




Thankfully, Parers War by Pericles Films ticks that box. The recreation of the 1940s in Australia and New Guinea lives up to expectations with a rich tapestry of images. I feel sorry for them but i cant for give them not yet. Our soldiers kill themselves before capture. They are told enemy will torture then kill them anyway. I am Japanese and I honor the service of our men who fight with honor.

When you fight monsters you become monsters


I find it hard to feel bad about them after calling us criminals and trying to wipe us out like they did to native island populations and eating people and burning pow's alive. Great to hear the other side, so to speak. It reminds us we're all human, and not fighting monsters or an unseen enemy, but that war is cruel for all. People often only want to hear the victor's side, though, or their own. Sad, but true. ( continued* else has had a history of brutality. Look at what Australians did to the Aboriginees or Americans to the Native Americans.

The Aussies were the first to defeat the Japanese advance in WW2 with some help from the Americans at Milne Bay. The British general Slim, whom was under enormous pressure from the Japanese at Burma, said it was an enormous relief and encouragement to hear of the success at Milne Bay... @aaronmcintosh26 No I am not, look up on war crimes committed during WWII. I love Japan and its people and lived in Tokyo for a few years. This were different in the 40's though. We could argue that it was all their governments fault but people do know right from wrong which is why many were tried for war crimes. To understand and learn from these horrors is the key to never repeating the same mistakes and have peace. Communism is a lot to blame for conflicts which amazes me why we still have communist nations, did they not learn the same lessons.


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I understand to you it makes no sense. To me as a Japanese the firebombing of our cities and seeing pictures of mountains of dead civilians that our enemies have killed is barbaric. Maybe it is just that the war becomes more personal when you lose family members in it.

The Japanese even have monuments to war criminals Yasukuni_Shrine because they are so much in denial. did I mention Korea. @KyleLocke what revenge they were shot trying to escape they wernt executed. i have looked up war crimes of ww2 my great grandfather was killed by japanese war crimes. Thanks for posting this historically important video. I recommend everyone to read Cook & Cook's 'Japan At War. It shows that, in many cases, the Japanese were questioning the war but were afraid of dishonour - it's difficult to understand, but the idea of dishonouring your family name is a strong theme. @KyleLocke the australians did not execute japanese pows. the japanese tried to break out of cowra prison and a lot were shot but thats the only time. however the japanese butchered australian and other allied pows. burned my grandfather alive for one.

Awesome vid. Loved it 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️. @nachospole1 Actually the Australian soldiers would execute Japanese POWs even before they were transported back to HQ. In a sense there is a hint of truth to it.




Catch Up on Parer's War and watch online on. Parer's War is the true story of World War II frontline cameraman, Damien Parer, whose work won Australia's first Oscar. His desperate efforts to return to the battlefield to capture what he believed was the 'truth' of war were thwarted by his own government.