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Marcílio Moraes

actors - Roberto Birindelli

Countries - Brazil

description - Paulo (Ricardo Duque), a film editor, arrives at home and find his wife murdered. While the police investigates the crime, Paulo begin his own quest to find the criminal

Genres - Thriller

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  1. Documentary
  2. Audience score=13 Votes
  3. Synopsis=James Holland presents an analysis of the legendary 1943 Dam Busters raid
  4. country=UK
  5. Mackenzie Scott
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Jesse Baget Breathless 63

— After killing her bank-robber husband, a Texas housewife must dispose of the body and find the loot while avoiding the local sheriff / stars - Gina Gershon / countries - USA / Thriller, Comedy / directed by - Jesse Baget Read more

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— 7,4 / 10 stars runtime=1 hour, 41 Minute casts=Jan Kociniak Directed by=Stanislaw Dulz Wielka podróz Bolka i Lolka is a movie starring Ewa Zlotowska, Danuta Mancewicz, and Jan Kociniak. Bolek and Lolek race around the world facing danger to win a wager with Lord Fogg Read more

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  1. description: I dont Know what the Film is about, but i like trains
  2. 2005
  3. David Blaustein
  4. Documentary
  5. Countries: Argentina
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Madagasikara language italian hindi

— year: 2018 Story: Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, known for its lemurs and unique biodiversity and as the setting of the popular animated films. But the real Madagascar is much different than the world imagines. 'Madagasikara' is the story of three resilient women fighting for the survival of their families and the education of their children against the overwhelming forces of domestic political instability, international political hypocrisy and the crushing poverty caused by both Country: USA Read more

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— Creighton Barrett; Rating: 29 Votes; runtime: 1 Hours 26Minutes; reviews: Nightfur is a campy, new wave science fiction film. An introspective astrophysics major visits a remote lab to work with his mentor, Dr. Roberts. After his arrival, he finds that a young woman has been taken in by the doctor. She is found to be sensitive to a mysterious signal coming from the depths of space. The unexplainable phenomena that occur force her new friends to look at life from a different, unscientific, angle. When Helen's forest dwelling spiritual guide enters the mix they find that logic, love, and jealousy become easily entangled in the presence of the unknown; Country: USA Read more

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— abstract: Jun-ho is a freelance photographer. His independence is also reflected in his relationships with women, as he avoids any commitment. When he takes on a job for a magazine, he runs into Eun-ji, a woman he met through a dating application. She pretends she doesn't know him, even though they spent a night together. They remain in an "open" relationship, and since Eun-ji is also dating a man who has a more stable position, Jun-ho doesn't press for more closeness. Somewhere between friends and lovers, they both drift between passionate love and cold looks and words - A romantic comedy-drama about young Koreans trying at all costs to avoid responsibility for themselves and their relationships, preferring to replace love with friendship; directed by: Dae-gun Jung; countries: South Korea; tomatometer: 7,6 of 10; Writed by: Dae-gun Jung Read more