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After more than 40 years of service, the Queen of Sidney (Hull 85) was retired on November 28, 2000 after numerous complaints of intense rusting and health hazards the ship was sent to a shipyard in Mission, BC, where it has sat ever since. The Queen of Tsawwassen (Hull 309) continued in service until the fall of 2008. HD&Abandoned&Queen&of, Watch Abandoned Queen of Sidney Online Videostripe Solarmovie Abandoned Queen of… Hd-720p Abandoned Queen of Sidney English Episodes.

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Turns out the ship we saw from the highway was an abandoned B.C. Ferry. The Ferry in question is the MV Queen of Sidney which was the flagship of the B.C. Ferry's Fleet from 1960's to 2000s when it had been decommissioned. Queen of Sidney had the ability to carry at full capacity 168 vehicles and approximately 980 passengers.




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What happens to ferries and defence vessels at the end of their lives. I've been on the Spirit of British Columbia many times. Of the new ships they mentioned I've been on Coastal Renaissance, Coastal Inspiration and Northern Expedition. Haven't been on Island Sky yet. Sorry, Powell River... Abandoned queen of sidney ferry sc. Trevor and Melissa still have a relationship. Uncle Si/FB Live. I bet they still had to pay their fare, bc ferries are a joke. WOW, ever had a flight canceled? Oh the travesty of it all. Ur Principal Gray! XD.

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We're gonna refuckulate and land on Juniper and find some space weed. The boys are back. Watched half of season 10 so far, and it's one of their best. Didn't like 9 as much, but this season is definitely a return to form. Abandoned queen of sidney ferry new york. Abandoned queen of sidney ferry virginia. Abandoned queen of sidney ferry address. Abandoned queen of sidney ferry nc. Old B.c. Rusted Ferry in 2019, Fraser river, Rust, Ferry boat - Pinterest. For some time now, the Queen of Sidney has called Mission home, floating in Silverdale's ship graveyard. Built in 1960, it was one of the two.

Not all thes ships are abandoned, some were broken up for scrap, as stated

Geez! I've never been on the Ferries during rough weather. Only smooth sailings. That looks rough. The Queen of Sidney, once the pride of modern Victoria shipbuilding. One was the San Mateo, a wooden ferry built in 1922 that travelled back. Did Ottawa hear that? One of longest coastline in the world! And what does the Canadian government do? They reduce the coastguard's regional offices from five to three. Come fall 2012 the Coastguard in; St. Johns, Newfoundland - Quebec City, Quebec - Sarnia, Ontario - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia - and Vancouver, British Columbia, will cease to exist.


+cf100mk5 DJI P3P. Trevor, Cory smokes now Like if u know. Derelict ferry becomes magnet for vandals on B.C. island, CTV News. I just saw the Canadian Pickers episode with this magnificent old ferry shown. It's sad that by 2012 this ship has deteriorated to such a wasted away rusted hulk. The old pack rats who own this have done nothing to try and preserve it, seeing it listing to one side is again a very sad site to see. Had the owners properly moored this and maintained it, they could have charged admission to keep it up not counting movie set rental income. Thank you for your video. I believe this Ferry was just used for scenes in the latest SuperNatural episode (December 2017.

#3 was not abandoned, it was bought by a man who had it towed to his dock in NJ, he was going to restore it but never got to it so he had it scraped. Can we have one show without mention of Trump? Kinda milking that cow dry. Abandoned Queen of Sidney Ferry (2018. 1h 55min, History, 8 September 2018 (Canada) Add a Plot ». Director: Ryan Djakovic. Writer: Ryan Djakovic. I will miss these old boats.

WELL YOU STARTED IT. lol- thanx Joe. Abandoned queen of sidney ferry station.

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Yo trailer park boys are on the come up man i love it. Official abandoned queen of sidney ferry texas. Wow... i wana live there.   even if i come from Norway. Hmmm. A nice vacation spot perhaps. I wish this new owner the most success in bringing this place back up. He need to put in an air strip. That drive is a deal killer there. Cheers. But how was the air down there? If claustrophobia could kill, I'd me a dead sheep, too. Amazing! Thanks for sharing, how on earth did they get concrete trucks to that remote site to even dream up that place.

Notices the TPB aren't swearing Somethings pretty fucky right now. The second song in the video was by trooper wich was from vancouver wich that BC Ferries stops at. I must be getting old, the last time i traveled on BC ferries it cost 10 dollars for the car and 5 dollars per person. 🇨🇦 Gotta rock Justin 🇨🇦 👍 From a Michigan fan 🙏🖖✌some day 🚐💨. Parabéns pelo seu trabalho. Official abandoned queen of sidney ferry tickets. Whoever owns that ship now i hope they take care of it. i was just at the queen of Sidney yesterday and it is toast! a once great ship sitting rotting away. its a real shame. Brother willGive You Credit have Scuba Dove allover the World BUT Not a Caver.

Official abandoned queen of sidney ferry pictures. Tronald Dump. The American COO dictated the removal of our proud vessel names ie Queen of Oak Bay,Queen of Capilano and the removal of our Soverigns portrait.[now returned after widespread protests. USA needs you David Hahn,so go home to your republic.


OFFICIAL ABANDONED QUEEN OF SIDNEY ferryhalim. OFFICIAL ABANDONED QUEEN OF SIDNEY ferry corsten. Did his dream ever come true? It sure is a gorgeous place to live. What a mess,How long, or how many years have these ships been there? The video was neat to watch. Official abandoned queen of sidney ferry seattle. Didn't one of the aforementioned ships burn up yesterday ? Don't remember where this happened. Official abandoned queen of sidney ferry schedule. Being a bushman and prospector myself.I love holes in the ground but I would rather be in the bush not a videos I make are mostly about wilderness living.

I hope he is able to achieve this, what a beautiful place.





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Awesome Abandoned Ferry near Vancouver BC - Queen of Sidney Captured and Compiled by ExplorerRyan 2018.


VIDEO: Here's what the abandoned Queen of Sidney ferry looks like today.