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0:41 where is the air drop? 😂🤣😆. Im not feeling jules no more tbh 🤷🏾‍♀️. Tom holland left the chat. Qué clase de Skins es esto. Sorry is it called ‘not just me or ‘almost family 😂😂. BRUH IM JUST LIVING FOR THE END SCENE OF RULES I JUST WANT MY RULES BACK. I Queen sono e saranno sempre leggenda. This scene is everything. Still not over it. Two sisters in a fancy cult-like therapy group to help them cope with traumatic childhood? that's my take. The first episode was really good. Charlotte rampling schwer gealtert.

Jacob tremblay went from being a kid with physical problems in a kids movie to. this

Alguien sabe cómo se llama la canción del trailer. She is so goddamn beautiful. i'm literally in love with her. Zendaya is you beautiful and gorgeous Id love to meet her. Best serie of the 2019th. How dare nate mess with feznation. Jules: are u jalous? Rue: no, im not jalous Me: are u sure about that. Che film ragazzi. Brividi e lacrime un capolavoro. il film più bello degli ultimi vent'anni che o visto.