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If heaven were on earth... It's the least they deserve! These dancers are used to the hilt. Fine when you're in top form but very easy to overuse the body to the point you are no longer of use to the is not privilege, it's a basic right for classical dancers who are required always to be on top form. Sorry to Joan Sutherland, but Maria Callas is the best Lucia EVER. Ca fait 55 ans que je la suive elle est morte mais c'est une légende jamais dépassé surtout dans l'arié de louchia di lammamour qui dure 20min. That's absolutely wonderful to see. I teach Pilates and Gyrotonic, and I wish I knew of that when I was dancing, they are a must for elite movers.

Maria, vivi in noi e vivrai per sempre nelle future generazioni. eterna. Callas is so beautiful in the thumbnail 😍😒😍😍. La Apoteosis de la Lirica. Derek you are just stupid if you think caballe or moffo could sing this music. She started where all the others stopped. ❤ Say No More. Beetlejuice is what brought me here. They look like examples for pilates adds, doing motions like we should. 😂. The fact that people have suggestions and comparisons to this great artist's interpretation completely misses the point of what art and artistic interpretation are all about. To all you frustrated music critics, stop flaunting your worthless opinions about and pseudo intellect. Stop trying to show off your musical astuteness (which only shows your ignorance by the way) by stating your preferences as to who sang what better. Simply appreciate the great artistry here or don't listen and certainly don't comment negatively. Who cares about your insight? This woman goes down as one of the greatest artist of all times. You are in the critics' box being a windbag.

Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848. This 'sound externalisation' of yours is utter garbage. The voice sounds completely unnatural, the added echo is hideous and weird. How graceful they look even when using normal gym equipment.


SOBERBIA - UNICA - LA CALLAS demuestra el esplendor d la Lucía d Donizetti.