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Reminds me of Rear Window and Disturbia 😁. 2019: The Saga Will End 2021: ITS NOT ENDING: A Star Wars Story.


Definite Memento connections. I'm kind of impressed. The beginning of the trailer already speaking about the position of the Phoenix is a really accurate note about Chinese culture. I thought that was Greta in the thumbnail. 2019: the saga ends. 2030: Stormtrooper's bad aim; A star wars universal story.

“Heres week 50 of trailers from upcoming movies coming to a theater near you.”. This doesn't even look like a remake, but like a proper movie made by Disney. Dude! Robert Pattinson killed it in this trailer.

2019: The saga ends. 2020: Jar Woks: A Star Wars Podcast, featuring Darth Binks

Finally it's here... Finally some Amy Adams, feels like it's been forever since she's been in a movie. Ah! So many powerhouses in one movie. Really excited for this one. My days as a Peeping Tom are over. Yo i saw her in the thumbnail and I knew she was gonna snap than I watched the trailer and I was correct. This will be sooooo good. She's so beautiful, gosh😭❤❤❤.