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Predestination (Region A Blu-ray. Movies & TV. [Predestination: A Journey Through english sub] Predestination: A'JouRney'Through'Time'free'hd. Watch"Predestination: A"Journey"Through"Time"movie"1080p"download…. Predestination: a journey through time square. Predestination: a journey through time video.

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10.10.2013 Directed by Daniel Bean. With Daniel Bean, Ivete Hunhoff. An angsty, introspective short with unorthodox visual style, Predestination takes us on a journey of self-awareness as a disillusioned philanderer deconstructs his life. Haunting and cerebral, Predestination will leave you wondering if we as human beings are really as free as we think. Predestination [Blu-ray + Copie. A covert operative resorts to time travel in an effort to corral a criminal who has managed to elude him through the years, but the time-travel journey becomes full of unexpected twists and turns. Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook, and Noah Taylor co-star.


Predestination: a journey through time online. 10.02.2015 With Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook, Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig. This making-of short includes notes from Hawke, Peter and Michael Spierig, Taylor, and Snook on story/character and production elements. Predestination (Blu-ray) 2014. Sony Pictures.




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Journey through Jeremiah: Predestination (Part 2. A Happy Marriage Starts With Accepting Gods Salvation. Predestination: A Journey Through Time Free stream. Predestination: a journey through time free stream games. Predestination: A Journey Through Time Free streams. 16.02.2018 It's based on a Robert Heinlein story that I read long, long ago called All You Zombies. That story was actually one of the earliest time travel stories that follows time loops as part of the plot. That's old hat now, of course (see Time Traveler's Wife, for example) but it's still very well done in this movie.

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Cinematography: Amazing. CGI: Splendid. Fight Scenes: Spectacular. Heck not even those can make this movie terrible. I went back in time to watch this movie again but I remembered I had already watched it in 1939, but I am. Typing this comment in 2098 but it won't show I did until thanksgiving 2018. Wow, Thanks! I used this in my homework. The movie strove miles from the book, making it god tear cringe, and the script was cancer in the form of writing. The best thing about the film was the saphira voice over and good effects. Take my advice and use your money to buy and read the books instead.


Sounds like an interesting time travel sci-fi. Who's here in 2019 😍😍😍🌹. Love the book series. I'd feel safer with a safety harness on the saddle. A telepathic dragon. YES. Strongly recommend to those who have seen this movie and haven't seen Dark Netflix series to see it. They should remake this.





This unflinching film takes the time-travel genre to new heights and has a more affectionate story line than most of these sci-fi time-travel films tend to show. 'Predestination' is an adaptation. Get Predestination Extra: A Journey Through Time. Directed by Yifeng Luo. With Jiao Wang, Yun-Ping He, Yifeng Luo, Yu Lu. What matters is how the time-travel itself gets used, whether for bracing adventure or provoking thought through the themes of meddling with the trajectory of time. Predestination uses a violin case that operates on proximity to the device, explaining almost nothing about how it works as the characters flip the combination dials and hurdle both back and forward in time.

A Journey Through Time With Anthony. Vudu - Watch Movies. Predestination: A Journey Through Time (Video 2015) Quotes on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, TV series and more.

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'Predestination' a strange, imaginative trip through time. So starts "Predestination. is taken on a journey through time by the bartender, who is in fact an operative in something. Predestination: A Journey Through Time (Video 2015.