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'How's it going? Say hi to your mother for me, ok. Dad, she's behind you. Hey mom, how's it going? We should do a film together, whaddu think. Music is not free. 12 :o. Me: pulls out bubble gum out of pocket My classmates: 2:45. Ronald McDonald isn't doing well since he got fired. DYLLAAAANNNNNN MY LIL BOO❤❤😭😭. This trailer made that girl look so freaky... @ 2:53 when you laugh at your own reflection in the mirror at night. THIS IS FREAKING PERFECT this is how you show a trailer. I just realized the old lady was peeking at 1:50. Oh my God. Me: opens a bag of hot cheetos Classmates: 2:15. It looks intense and has Malkovich, Russell and Wahlberg. I'm sold.

In an irony fit for the big screen, executives were onboard Deepwater on 20 April when the explosions wracked the vessel, celebrating seven straight years without serious accidents. However, US federal data revealed that three of every four incidents that triggered federal investigations into safety and other problems on deepwater drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico since 2008 have been on rigs operated by Transocean. Mike Williams, an electronics technician (and Wahlberg's character in the cinematic take on the events) later testified he had raised concerns about safety. The resulting oil spill saw around 780,000 cubic meters of oil gush into the waters, impacting 180,000 square kilometers of ocean. The sludge spread, affecting beaches, wetlands, and wildlife. Oil gushed out of the well for a staggering 87 days, as repeated attempts to plug the hole failed. Other efforts to control the spill included controlled burns, setting the seas on fire, while skipper ships attempted to scoop the oil out of the water. The leak was plugged on July 15 and eventually, on September 19 the well was declared officially dead by US Coast Guard admiral Thad Allen, after cement was pumped in through a relief well. The final report into the Deepwater disaster found BP was most to blame, though also held Transocean and contractor Halliburton to account - the latter for laying faulty cement in the well to begin with. However, it ultimately determined BP made a series of decisions that complicated cementing operations, added risk, and may have contributed to the ultimate failure of the cement job, which in turn allowed such a catastrophic volume of oil to flood the ocean. Darkly, BP's shares actually rose after the report, reportedly based on the fact it wasn't solely responsible for the disaster. The impact of the spill is still being felt, though. The Deepwater Horizon incident ended up being the largest marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry, and recent studies have found the pollution has lead to deformities in fish stocks in the area. The ecosystem is expected to take years to recover.
Strangest coke commercial I've ever seen.
Countdown movie stream.
Anyone else here for Dylan?😂😂.

The fact that granny peeks behind the wall it gives me chills 1:52. 1:58 When your home alone naked but you hear the door bell. What is your biggest fear? Me in the past: Spiders Me now: Naked grandma. Countdown movie streaming. I cant wait.


Bring me the deepwater horizon. Glad I don't have to wait 27 years for this. Countdown Movie streaming sur internet. Damn I'm not afraid to say the ending got me in tears. 2 thumps down. Countdown.






Countdown watch movie online. Official website. Countdown watch movie streaming. Wowww this movie is coming. I'm so excited to see that come soon... I'm waiting. I love this... And first movie it also... Countdown watch movie review. Countdown. Countdown watch movie 2018. Countdown watch movie full. Countdown movie watch. Pennywise: i'm your worst nightmare. Grandma: Let me get some cookies be right bacc. When Shane Dawson sees his cat 2:14.


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Will they also talk about the corruption of British Petroleum and Halliburton who caused the spill? Or are we trying to humanize the biggest ecological disaster since the Exxon Valdez. Yes, I'm sure the people on the rig put up a hell of a fight to prevent it but they were doomed from the beginning.


Ich weiß wirklich nicht ob ich das als einen guten oder einen scheiß Film einordnen sollen Horrorfilme sollen uns normalerweise die Furcht vor etwas normalem Lernen wie Nightmare on Elmstreet oder Der Original THE RING vor einer VHS-Kasette aber die Horrorfilme von heute verlieren dieses Konzept mit sowas wie Truth or Dare oder wie hier jetzt mit einem Countdown. Kommt mir so vor als hätten sich die Macher, die belgische Komödie DAS BRANDNEUE TESTAMENT angeschaut und daraus jetzt einen Horrorfilm machen wollen.
OML this sounds almost exactly like a share my story 🙁.

Paused at 0:31 ME: lemme download it already 😂. Mám pocit jako bych právě viděla celý film :D. I'm so happy Dylan is getting into more serious acting, I knew he had the potential for this stuff. Him and mark will make a dynamic duo. Love them both and can't wait for this. I have the app Im gonna for in 166 days Im not scared. It kinda reminds me of the book the cellar except less. knifey. This looks better than any Amy Schumer movie ever. Me: dies my mom: It's because of that damn phone. I loved this movie i think it needs to be a part 2 ASAP. 2019 version of Final Destination. claps Death? There's an app for that. I love when Berenger gets a movie. He's one of the most underrated underused stars in cinema history. One shot 2 kills. Its because of that phone, is it. every mom.

Losers club: Did we defeat Pennywise? Pennywise: Yesnt. Už teď jde jasně vidět, že to bude sračka. Vždy som miloval tie preklady ku filmom, prečo sa Finding Nemo vlastne volá Hľadá sa Nemo keď sa to mohlo volať Rybka v Mori? 😃😂. Bruh who else rewatching the trailer cuz they can't wait to go see it in like 3 weeksss. Who else is checking the app on play store?😂.

One sicker than the other! Aweful. Hits zero Everyone:OMG HE IS GOING TO DIE! Scientist: This is a world I created.🤦. Omg Jackson Rathbone. I love his Horror and Psycho Movies. He is so gorgeous at these kind of Movies. That thumbnail is a good way to get you in if you have nothing to offer... Countdown: 100 yrs Me: does it in 1 second.