∬S𝞃řєà𝖒Ꭵηǥ Oņ𝖑ϊʼnę Download Full Limits to Ambition

— Year 2006
Reiner Prochaska
6,5 / 10 star
runtime 1 H 47 min
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Download The Accused HD 1080p yesmovies Online Now Full Length

Jonathan Kaplan

Jodie Foster

Release date=1988

1 Hours 51Minutes

This movie is based on actual events. Sarah Tobias goes into a bar one night and winds up being gang raped by 3 guys. She is introduced to an attorney named Katherine Murphy. Not only does Katherine Murphy want to go after the men who commited the rape, she wants to go after the men in the bar who cheered it on. But Katherine has her work cut out for her. Her client has a past, and that past could be used against her in court

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