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Free Essay In: Business and Management Submitted By bshaier Words 373 Pages 2 1. Do you think Laura is justified in her responses to her organization’s culture? Why or why not? Laura has been described her workplace atmosphere as cold and full of haters and that response was base on the environment she came from but she shouldn’t mention the name of her senior manager because its unprofessional. Thus, I think Laura is justified in some responses than another. 2. Do you think Laura’s strategic use and display of emotions serve to protect her? Yes and No. Yes because the managers in her workplace don’t like workers to show their emotions, Thus, the only way to survive in that kind of environment is by displaying emotions, which are not really felt by her. By doing this, she will protect her job and satisfied the managers in the short run. For the long run, my answer will be no. Hold the emotions for a long time will made a brusher and make her explode, which will affect her work performance and the relationship with the people who work their, that will not satisfies the managers need. 3. Assuming that Laura’s description is accurate? How would you react to the organization’s culture? This kind of organization’s culture is having e negative effect on the people who work in it. Management with these characteristics does not care about retaining their employee. Using this kind of tactics-fear tactics- will make the work less productive and make them doing as little as they can just to stay under the radar, also made them unfaithful to their work. So If Laura’s description is accurate; I will hold my emotions and do the job as it should be till I found other job with positive environment and friendly managers because the reason of productivity is to love what you doing. 4. What can Laura’s company do to change its emotional climate? Laura’s company should increases Social activities in their company to show it was friendly workplace to work. Managers should not ignore co-workers and employees emotions and assign other behavior as if it were completely rational. Managers who understand the role of emotions and moods will significantly improve their ability to explain and predict their co-workers and employees behavior. Similar Documents A History of Violence.. the life of a man named Tom Stall, a man played by actor Viggo Mortensen, who appears to be an easygoing loving family man and a friendly local business owner in the small amiable town of Millbrook, Indiana. Stall becomes a local hero when he surprisingly kills two sociopaths that attempt to rob his diner. His life seems to immediately turn upside down when a mysterious group of mobsters begin to start following Tom and his wife Edie, accusing him of being a former hit man from Philadelphia with the name Joey Cusack. The name Stall is a very symbolic name in that Tom Stall is stalling the truth about his identity from all of those around him, including his immediate family. He is stalling from this very large secret he keeps inside of him from getting out. Violence is prevalent throughout the film. This movie raises many questions about violence and the idea of catharsis. During the film, the main character emotionally cleanses his past demons by changing his former identity to a new man of different morals. In real life, there is a lot of controversy about whether anger, rage, and fighting is a healthy form of catharsis. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines the word catharsis as “a purifying or figurative cleansing of the emotions, especially pity and fear, described by Aristotle as an effect of tragic drama on its audience. ” Another definition it gives us is “A release of...... Words: 1190 - Pages: 5 Premium Essay Outcomes Assessment Essay Y100: Lower Bucks: Dr. David R. Feeney Professor:  DAVID FEENEY Week 7 - W7 Outcomes Assessment Essay Assessment Essay DRAFT 1 ------------------------------------------------- 1. Adams quote describes the difference in which she lost her temper and the other person as well. States that she lost her temper for a reason verses his friend that lost her temper because that’s ion her character. Adams angers issues falls under the general perspective of developmental approaches to psychology. Like several other developmental theories, it is a stage theory. Albert Einstein said: "Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools. Albert Einstein was German born American Physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity. Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921. 1879-1955. 2. Jenny gave concerns to her brother asking him how he is feeling and he has responded with angry responses. She noticed that he has been drinking. So it is a possibility that he is in denial of having a problem and is taking his anger out to very one. Here is a quote First the man takes a drink; then the drink takes a drink; then the drink takes the man. Written by a Japanese Proverb. The equally famous psychologist William James wrote something similar regarding alcoholism. In his book, The Varieties of Religious Experience, he said that the "sway of alcohol over mankind is unquestionably due to its powers to stimulate the mystical faculties...... Words: 721 - Pages: 3 Mistakenidentity in a Midsummer Night's Dream.. Lysander and Lysander loves Hermia, but Demetrious also loves her, and Helena loves Demetrious. Hermia and Demetrious are engaged to marry against Hermia's will. They all end up running off into the wood on a magic spring evening when fairies turn everything upside down. While they are asleep, Puck squeezes the juice from a magic flower that makes whomever's eye it enters to fall in love with the first person they see. He puts it onto Lysander's eye, thinking he was Demetrius. This begins the game of mistaken identities, because Helena is the first person Lysander sees, which causes him to fall in love with her instead of Hermia. So now, Lysander loves Helena, Helena loves Demetrius, Demetrius loves Hermia and Hermia loves Lysander. The confusion increases. Every encounter the couples have gets more confusing and exasperating. Then Puck realizes his mistake and puts the flower juice on Demetrius' eyes, making him fall in love with Helena as well. Helena, whose love towards Demetrius has been in vain, thinks that Lysander and Demetrius are mocking her, because they are both, suddenly, mysteriously in love with her. Her exasperation is ironic, because now she has too much love instead of too little. Her anger and verbal abuse of the lovers and of Hermia, whom she suspects of joining them in humiliating her, is also very funny. In the end Puck corrects his error and joins the couples as they should have been: Lysander loves Hermia and Hermia loves him and Demetrius loves... Words: 430 - Pages: 2 Ptsd.. WITH PTSD: THE WOUND THAT NEVER HEALS by C. J. On a cool September day in 2007, my entire life changed. That day I shot and killed a young man as he attempted to break into my home. The incident took place on a Friday afternoon, and the perpetrator subsequently died in the hospital two days later. My family and friends were there to help me through the ordeal but life soon returned to normal for them. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about my own life. My immediate reaction was a combination of sadness, anger, guilt, fear, and shock about what had happened. Being a US Air Force veteran, I took part in Desert Shield/Desert Storm and never had to pull a gun on anyone. I never dreamed I would end up having to shoot someone in my own home. Everyone around me told me I shouldn’t feel bad that the perpetrator died because I was protecting my family. Though it sounded perfectly logical, the guilt was eating me alive. For the first couple of months after the shooting, I operated in pure fear. I became paranoid and hyper-vigilant. Every noise I heard in the night made me jump even though they were the same familiar sounds I heard every night, such as the refrigerator motor turning off and on. But what disturbed me more was that I was afraid of noises I heard during broad daylight also. The shooting happened at approximately 1:30pm in my back yard outside my family room window which I no longer enjoyed but had to pass by daily. After a few months of living in fear, I just...... Words: 1410 - Pages: 6 The Constitution and the Affordable Care Act.. care in the United States can only be reformed in the long term by instilling in each individual a sense of integrity and self reliance. It cannot be reformed by providing any product for free. Our nation was not founded to give "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". Those are the inalienable rights…. specifically enumerated. If you go down the slippery slope of adding in underlying "needs" like healthcare and social programs to our "rights" that the government must pay for we are flipping our founding principles upside down. The principal of our country is a place where you are free to "pursue" the life you want - free from unnecessary government interference. The right is to pursue the life you want, not to have the goodies of life gifted to you by the government. This is but nice promise designed to elect politicians who promise the gift of such benefits if elected but ultimately not affordable because people will be lazy if they get handouts. Human nature demands that benefits be earned in order to be appreciated and to prevent the decay of the spirit of work, self reliance and pride that comes from earning out own way. Giveaways diminish that spirit and can destroy the self respect of those who come to rely on handouts to get what they need in life to survive. As to the constitution, our government is designed with three branches and the judicial branch represented at the top by the Supreme Court is a check on the politicians making rules that violate...... Words: 562 - Pages: 3 Analysis of Clothes directly, by what she says and does. Characterization of Sumita: Sumita is a young woman from India, her parents have made an arranged marriage with an Indian man who has mowed to America. In the beginning of the story, Sumita is very nervous and insecure. She isn’t very happy about the arranged marriage, but at the same time she knows that she has to follow the family traditions. When Sumita meets her upcoming husband Somesh, she changes her view. She finds out he is a great guy and becomes excited to move to America. When Sumita moves to America, her days become turned upside down, and she begins to change. Before she was a little insecure girl, in America she changes to a more modern and mature person. Somesh gives her a kind of attention she has never gotten before, and Sumita increase a self-confidence and giving her hope of taking an education. When Sumita’s husband dies, om page 180, Sumita felt a lot anger, because he was killed by a burglar she’s also felt a big sorrow because she really loved him and Sumita is feeling very lonely because Somesh is gone. He isn’t there to protect her any more. Sumita will not return to India, after this happened. She wants to try to living on her own, in a country who has a different culture than the one she is used to in India. Everything she has gone through from arranged marriage, to falling in love, to lose her husband has made her who she is in the end of the story: strong, mature and independent.... Words: 569 - Pages: 3 Visual Analysis tting containing just a plate and a mug. The table appears to be slanted with one of its four legs bound together by tape. The underclass has no table to be see, instead there is a cardboard box with a sleeping bag inside and a grocery cart containing all of the belongings of the person. It looks like a makeshift table is made out of an upside-down bucket where a can of dog food lies. These details provided by the artist demonstrate the struggle to provide food for the table, faced by more than half of the American population. Some people may look at this illustration and have a different opinion. Others may see this illustration as a driving force to become part of the 1%. Many people have drive and determination to make it to bigger and better things seeing this division of the social classes would make them want to be a part of the 1%. Wuerkers’s work can be seen as a social ladder to achieve the “American Dream”. Hernandez 3 The illustration brings out an emotional appeal from the viewer, the text provided by Wuerker, “Those kitchen tables Americans sit around, ” along with the details from each frame bring out sadness and anger from the viewer. More than half of the population in the United States is living in poverty while 1% owns all the wealth. Wuerker’s illustration successfully demonstrates this point by allowing us to see the unfair distribution of the wealth. Hernandez 4 Works Cited Wuerker, Mike. POLITICO. 20 Sept. 2011. Print.... Words: 661 - Pages: 3 Jungle Fever: the Journey of an Interracial Relationship.. movie Jungle Fever is an excellent example of interracial relationships and the hate and bigotry they can create. The movie deals with people who have strong opinions and opposition towards interracial relationship and how bigotry comes into play in all this. The main characters of the movie are Flipper and Angie who are both of different races. Flipper being black lives in a community where anyone of different race especially whites are looked upon as different, especially if a relationship is involved. Flipper can’t be labeled as a bigot or someone who opposes interracial relationship, but all that changes once he meets Angie. Flippers surroundings and the difficulties that he goes through in his relationship with Angie turn flipper upside down and leads him to oppose interracial relationship and label him as a bigot. Flipper’s negative belief towards interracial relationship is all built and shaped by the community and other characters in the movie that Flipper comes in contact with that turn him into a bigot and make him oppose his own interracial relationship. Flipper has an affair with Angie and forms a secret interracial relationship with her. However, this was before the society, community, and the culture makes him question and ultimately reverse his decision regarding interracial relationship thus labeling him as a bigot. Once Flipper and Angie’s relationship is exposed to the society, that’s when we see Flipper starting to build a negative attitude towards...... Words: 1383 - Pages: 6 The Impact of When a Parent Losses a Job.. up. He starts to ponder on how he will be able to sustain his family without no job. In a case where an individual has savings, his main worry will be how long the savings will sustain the family. Upon receiving the news of being laid off, an individual is also affected emotionally. The parent will first experience shock, disbelief and denial. Afterwards anxiety and fear come in due to the unknown future. People experience fears of: paying bills, sustaining their families, finding another job and maintaining their current living standards. As the reality becomes more certain, sadness and depression sets in. This may result to a parent stopping doing his daily activities. In addition, anger and frustration are experienced in some parents. In some cases, this parents may direct their anger to other persons in the community or family. Finally, some people experience shame after a layout. Social impacts are evident after a job loss. The relationship that people have mostly change after a layoff. This leads to the feeling of isolation and loneliness by the parent affected. In addition, a layoff affect the personal identity of a person. This mostly affects those parents who identify themselves with the jobs. This parents usually feel empty after a layoff and question who they are. Consequently, they have an impact on the families. It could lead to a reversal of roles and a change in the living standards. In addition, the children are greatly affected in terms of school...... Words: 1021 - Pages: 5 Travel Memoir ldness of her skin. The sky was clear blue, soft, with a touch of red, and the trees seemed stiff in their bright green shade. The wind was blowing with its humid dry air. And All I could do was stand silently in disbelief, caught up in my own thoughts and calm as I ever been. Wondering what I could have done differently to change the course of time, life had taken us upon. Since that very day a chunk of my heart was ripped away, and broken into pieces… “Oh how I miss her so much. ” It was the morning of October 24, 2010 when I first received the news. I had just come back from a trip to Orlando’s Halloween horror nights, where I had an amazing time and just in a matter of minutes my whole world had turned upside down. That very moment I could feel my face turned bright red with anger and tears started flowing uncontrollably down my chubby cheeks, as my mother gave away the news that my grandmother was on her death bed. I couldn’t believe how just the day before she sounded so perfectly fine, and today she can possibly be gone. I guess when it’s time to go, it’s time to go you really don’t get a choice when it comes to your own life’s destination. I immediately rushed to the hospital speeding to about 70 miles per hour, hoping I wouldn’t get a ticket. As I got closer I could feel my chest tightening as if somebody was squeezing it with their bare hands. The hospital’s smell seemed familiar prior to the months before, where my grandma spent countless times after having...... Words: 814 - Pages: 4 Big Black Good Man, Olaf's Inadquacies signment 1 “Big Black Good man:” Olaf’s Inadequacies. Olaf, an average man with an average life has an average job that he sees as respectable and he believes his life is good. However, when he saw Jim for the first time, his life turned upside-down. His own inner fears overcome him. His own insecurities gripped himself. With each passing day, the fears and hatred became more obvious in his thoughts. In “Big Black Good Man”, because the author uses jealousy, insecurity, fear and admiration, the underlying factors of male inadequacy comes to light. From the onset of the story, Olaf begins to verbalize about how well his life turned out; while he secretly wished that he had had a better life and for a better reality. Whether he referenced his wife, his successful crops or traveling the world, Olaf uses these triumphs as hyperbole of what is really a melancholy life; desiring to rather be with many women, his infertility or the void he felt in not achieving greatness. Olaf questioned that “Maybe I could of got rich if I’d stayed in America” (208). When asked how much money the big black man has to put away, and Jim responds, “Two thousand six hundred” (210), Olaf’s expression brings his jealousy full circle. The smallness in every aspect of Olaf’s life, compared to the perceived largeness of Jim’s, was too much for Olaf to handle. As evidenced from the initial confrontation with Jim, Olaf is overtaken by a sense of inadequacy, referring instantaneously to Jim as a...... Words: 748 - Pages: 3 A Character Analysis on Loki Odison from Thor.. ’s behavior. During his life, Loki has a lot of emotional issues, mainly on his struggle for power and attention. Because of the lack of attention he received in his childhood, he acted out to gain recognition. Haven’t we all at some point in our lives done something bad in order to attract attention to ourselves? Young Loki is a studious quiet character, always watching and saying little. It is perhaps because he is always unacknowledged. In Thor, his talking was often cut off by either Odin or Thor. Despite all those, he loves and cares for his family and is happy to see Thor to be crowned as a King. However, it was not until Loki learn the truth of his adoption. The news has been a crushing blow to him, turning his worldview upside-down. Anger and confusion were, of course, the first to seep in. To realize everything he held true was a lie, he came to question all acts of kindness towards him. The fear must have been so profound that he lost the core of his identity of his true self. Regardless of the betrayal he felt, he still loved his father and was desperate to impress him. It was shown on how Loki kneelt beside Odin when he collapsed and took his hand. It was pure love and he still cared; he still wanted to be seen capable. Isn’t it ordinary for a child to gain his father’s respect, even when he was adopted? Loki, in this case, was simply young man destroyed by the turn his life has taken. He struggles to save his father and prove that he’s not one of the...... Words: 896 - Pages: 4 Is It Ok to Cry in the Workplace?.. biologically as well as functionally. But control does not have to mean eliminating emotion, even emotional outbursts, in the workplace. Use of emotions in the workplace Allowing expression of emotion in the workplace can be very productive and rewarding. It is important to develop a level of emotional intelligence, the ability to recognize emotion, and to distinguish and manage emotional signals. Developing a strong emotional intelligence can be very beneficial to a good manager, as they can learn to manage their own emotions while being able to recognize and help their employees do the same. Individuals should learn when and how to show emotion in the workplace as well. There are times when even negative emotions such as anger can be used very successfully to gain an advantage, for example in negotiations (Robbins, 2015, p. 143). Expressing emotion is a normal human function, and is a healthy response to external input. Open discussions about feelings may lead to productive dialogue about more concrete issues. The encouragement of the expression of positive emotion could lead to better employee health, and overall higher job satisfaction (Gable, 2014). Although displaying emotion in the workplace may be perceived as being irrational, recent research is beginning to show the opposite. It is recognized that emotional input is “critical to rational thinking” (Robbins, 2015, p. 95), and may in fact “foster creativity, decision making and motivation”...... Words: 2049 - Pages: 9 The Good Son... “new invention. ” It is similar to a crossbow. He uses his “invention” to kill a dog (Page & Ruben, 1993). He deliberately destroys others’ property as seen in the scene where both Henry and Mark are throwing rocks at the windows in the empty warehouse (Page & Ruben, 1993). He frequently manipulates others. He also steals items of nontrivial value without confronting a victim as shown when the mother finds the rubber ducky in the shed (Page & Ruben, 1993). Our first impression of Henry comes when Mark first arrives at his aunt and uncle’s house. Henry is still upstairs and we hear a scream. Not a scream of terror or fright, but more of a playful scream in attempts to startle others. The camera shifts to Henry who is hanging upside down with a white, handmade mask on. After his father tells him to come down, we see Henry still in his mask, with a plaid shirt tucked into his pants with a belt running down the stairs. When he gets to the bottom, he lifts his mask to reveal his face under shaggy blonde hair. He is a child, no more than twelve years old. He offers Mark an identical mask so they can be “brothers”. From our first impression, we gather that Henry is a typical boy who has a silly side. He is dressed well and nothing is alarming about the interaction. He even comes across as nice when he offers Mark another mask. He is making eye contact and has typical inflection in his voice. He seems excited about the idea of having a friend stay at his house (Page...... Words: 1458 - Pages: 6 Dadaism and Surrealism.. more of defiance against the art world and how things had been taught up to that point. Dali also did something similar by taking every day images and making them look dreamy or melting, as some people have described his paintings. These two different paintings both turned the art world upside down, neither artist had any concern as to what others opinions were, they were revolutionaries changing things to what they thought were defiant and in line with the movements that they were following. Following the direction of the respective movements was important to both artists; both showed defiance in their paintings to the traditions of the art world. These two pieces share these and other similarities linking the two art movements together. Dada and surrealism were both movements of poets and writers, there were also visual artists as well. In surrealism the artist appeared to be less innovative then those involved in the dada movement. In both movements there were manuscripts or journals written to help guide the followers of each movement. Dadaism was developed out of political unrest; in a similar manner surrealism developed out of social revolution. Both forms were formed out of anger towards society. Surrealism took Dada to a new level, in dada they had discovered the unconscious mind and dreams as sources of inspiration, and Surrealism explored the world of dream through a calculated method developed by Freud. Surrealism has a great influence on art and culture...... Words: 1093 - Pages: 5.

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Creating 'The Upside of Anger' Free full article on maxi. Creating 'The Upside of Anger' Free full article. Creating 'The Upside of Anger' free fall. Please OFF ADBLOCK to watch movies Kissmovies only works on domain  and The Upside of Anger A sharp-witted suburban wife, Terry Wolfmeyer, is left to raise her four headstrong daughters when her husband unexpectedly disappears. Things get even more hectic when she falls for her neighbor Denny, a once-great baseball star turned radio d. j. Th... Genre: Drama, Comedy Actor: Evan Rachel Wood, Kevin Costner, Erika Christensen, Keri Russell, Joan Allen, Tom Harper, Alicia Witt, Mike Binder Director: Mike Binder Country: United States, United Kingdom, West Germany Subtitles: English IMDB: 6. 9 Status: HDRip Runtime: 118 min Release: 2005.

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