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Vikings S05E09 340MB HDTV 720p x264, Downloadhub. Download Secret of the Wings (2012) YIFY HD Torrent. Eshche odin god (2014. Plot Summary. Thor 2 720p Tpb Movie. Not a lot happens in 'Another Year' young Russian husband Yegor (Alexei Filimonov) and wife Zhenya (Nadya Lumpova) struggle to make ends meet, argue, giggle, paint their flat, go shopping for anoraks and have sex (female director Oxana Bychkova allowing Filimonov to get away with flashing merely the occasional nipple while Lumpova has to show breasts and backside. What would have been the ending of some films - the couple's divorce - occurs early in the second half of this one, with the rest of the time devoted to how the couple move on with their newly-separate lives.
Once I realised that there was no real central storyline, I enjoyed this. The little scenes between Yegor and Zhenya are played well, with the giddiness of new love gradually being replaced by familiarity and its close relative, discontentment. When we see them at work - Zhenya a graphic designer in a big, loud, office; Yegor a solitary taxi driver - we learn a little more about their characters. Both are sympathetic: while we can understand why Yegor finds Zhenya infuriating, we can also appreciate why Zhenya finds Yegor boring. This kitchen sink drama was one of my favourite films at the 2014 London Film Festival.

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