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Geung See Ga zürich. No story relation to the first but also starring Lam Ching Ying and Moon Lee, along with Yuen Biao, one of the three well-known members of the Painted Faces group. Like Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung, he's a gifted comedian as well.
Unfortunately, like all sequels rushed out to capitalize on the success of the first, this movie is quite unoriginal in its humor and what's worse is that it includes a (vampire) child, probably to make the movie more accessible to children and grandparents. There is nothing for the kid to do except "act cute" and the villains aren't really even villains 'coz they're just vampire parents who want their child back. The fight scenes are decent but they made a main one really stupid by having everyone move in slow motion.

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Isolated soundtrack from Vampire Family - Geung See Ga Zuk: Geung See Sin Sang Juk Jap (1986. Composed by: Anders Nelsson Alastair Monteith-Hodge Stephen Shing Gam-Wing / 成錦榮 (music editor. Geung see ga zuk (1986. Geung see ga zuk (1986. User. Geung see ga zuk cinema watch film verified website. Release Date: 1986 / Barry Wong / 6,5 of 10 Star / directed by: Ricky Lau / 1 hours, 29 M. Geung see ga zuk (1986. Release Info. Mr. Vampire II - 殭屍家族 (1986) Isolated Soundtrack. Geung see ga zuk (1986) User Reviews Review this title 5 Reviews. Hide Spoilers. Sort by: Filter by Rating: Very different from the original niz 16 January 2001. The original MR VAMPIRE was a ground-breaking all time classic. The sequel doesn't try to match it, and has next to nothing in common with it, other than the appearance of hopping, Geung see ga zuk: Hong Kong (Cantonese title) Geung see ga zuk: Hong Kong (Cantonese title) long title) Geung see ga zuk: Geung see sin sang juk jap: Hong Kong (Mandarin title) Jiang shi jia zu: World-wide (English title) Mr. Vampire II. All movie posters of "Mr. Vampire II. MoviePosterDB.

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值得中美两国人共同观看的影片. Man this gonna be a hell of a movie🔥🔥🔥🔥 so hyped for this one. Oooh this is a NetEase game? No thanks. This is the only Disney live action I'm excited to watch. Dishonor on you, dishonor on Disney, dishonor on your cow. We need Mushu. Where can watch this really excited to watch this ive been a fan of this kind of movie since i was a kid starting with VAMPIRE its funny and awsome.






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