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1997 year. I have a difficult time with Jim Parsons playing straight. It's the voice. Great consept. Yes Shawn ❤️❤️❤️. This is the film Clint Eastwood wishes he could have directed. I just saw Poor Boy's Game at MoMa (March 13) and I am appalled that it is not getting a theatrical release in the US, but going straight to DVD. There is a huge market for this film in America. Clement Virgo is a brilliant director. The drama is clever, suspenseful and both Glover and Sutherland are Oscar contenders! The young Ross Sutherland holds his own against the always-amazing Glover, and some of the most epic movie moments of 2007 is when they have their "talk" overlooking the ocean towards the end of the film. The movie has everything (crime, suspense, sex, redemption, class and race conflict, romance, boxing) without becoming predictable and the final 20 minutes are so worth it! Not the mention the music by Byron Wong. Just amazing. LINDA SAETRE.

I lost it when I heard Shawn's song. Mendes Army where you at


I love when the mom faints after she cuts it Spoiler. Super screen play. This is going to be a perfect movie! I think it will cover a lot of present day problems with kids discovering who they are how they feel and cope. And what's even better is Jim Parsons is playing in this movie and he is Gay himself. So I think he'll bring a lot of insight and guidance to bring this movie! I am also such a big fan of Jim as well! I think he's an amazing actor! I can't wait to see this movie. Jai puneeth Raj Kumar fans. VERY legit trailer. Masterpiece. This one. Trailer is not much revealing. Still you have a climax to watch to know the ending. I really understood the depth of the word intriguing. 3:02 nobody even kiss well not on their mouth.

Okay, I nearly threw up when they actually took off his face. I am SO GLAD they didn't show very much of what was UNDER the skin. Wow. now that's THAT'S WHAT I CALL A GOOD MOVIE smh. Acts in movie, given permission to curse etc. Can't watch trailer 2019 Logic.





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