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Published on January 19, 2020, 7:25 pm — Short


Keep whining bitches. u have destroyed much more lives than you lost. Oooohhh. I need the english lyrics for this. Watch this enjoy documentaries and/or have interest in 9/11 and it's aftermath on those impacted. It is moving and relevant, but somewhat hard to watch due to the content.
Acting/Casting: 6. While the acting doesn't apply here, the casting does. A solid job of picking out a diverse group to follow over the last 10 years.
Directing/Cinematography/Technical: 6 - Well thought out directing and a nice job of keeping the viewer interested by switching the stories around frequently.
Plot/Characters: 6. Interesting concept to follow around 5 individuals for 10 years that were impacted by 9-11. It is hard to watch just how much the lives of these people have changed, but it is also very moving.
Entertainment Value: 6. It is a hard watch due to the premise and isn't going to keep you on the edge of your seat, but it extremely relevant and gives good perspective on just how much 9-11 changed so many lives. Worth a watch if you like documentaries or if you have interest in 9-11.
My Score: 6+6+6+6 = 24/4 = 6.0
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The directer of the this clip has said that he might use this for the 3rd movie which has no connection to legacy. Id watch it though. Rebirth lil wayne. Super dam inceredible. Just watched this. The dialogue is obnoxious and uninteresting. Is this gonna be a anime or a game. Rebirth brass band. Rebirth tattoo. Just watched it, really entertaining. Rebirthing therapy. Spoilers. It's a cult. Scientology. Yeah but i cant upload here. @tattoodgrim1 exactly how i felt when i saw this. and its kinda sad that they're making money out of this tragic event. should've stopped it at one movie.

Nice movie. @Ghostgnads22 blame your country? well if you want something to blame it's your government, which ultimately does things that many americans wouldn't ever agree to. but the innocet civilians are usually the ones who in the end paid the price... P.S enjoy watching the memorial services today.

Rebirth city deity 30.


Rebirth brass band schedule. Watched this last night - total rip off of David Fincher's 1997 gem The Game starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn. Wowwwww. Rebirth of mothra. Rebirth manga.


Sub zero's brother is Noob Saibot. How would johny be in the tournament if he has no head. Scientology explained.




Let's kick off the festival season.


I thought this movie was pretty funny, am I the only one. This was so good when it came out, it was unique and Kevin Tancharoen's vision of the mortal kombat characters and its world scared and deeply horrified me in a good way. Just seeing Reptile and Baraka for the first time intrigued me in a way that I never felt about any Mortal Kombat film. It probably would or could of been the best Mortal Kombat film to date if given the chance. It just needed the collaboration of Ed Boon and it could of been something legendary. Working closely to the source materiel or the creator of the source is a sure fire win. It just depresses me how a movie like this turned into mortal kombat legacy. I somehow feel like I missed the memo or something. It's a decent series and all, but that's exactly it. It's decent series, and nobody will ever praise anything decent or ok in quality. Hopefully this vision doesn't completely die out. I admit they changed alot of stuff from the original source, but some of that stuff could of been easily fixed instead of just throwing all this potential away and going with the series instead. Edit: There's alot of one tracked minds when it comes to games and it's justified because of terrible films like the mario bros, street fighter, etc, but it's also a good thing when film makers take chances. I mean look at the recent Batman films, if it wasn't for Christopher Nolan trying something different, our Batman films would probably be exaggerated and over the top (I did like Jim Carrey's take on the Riddler though. It's normal to avoid something different and new, but it's more beautiful when something new is embraced then succeeds shortly after. I admit the Johnny dying thing got to me as well, but they can always fix that. Nothing's written in stone, atleast not at this stage. Look at the recent Ninja Turtle movie. They were going to go with freaking aliens. aliens? Anyway, they threw that ridiculous idea away, because everyone raged about it, same principle applies here. I mean warner bros gave Christopher Nolan a chance with the Batman films, why not this? I guess when Mortal KombatĀ  X comes out, that'll satisfy me. If the story is anything like MK9 in length, that'll be just like a featured film.

Rebirth. I have no problem with the realistic approach they're taking to the characters, its a cool idea. EXCEPT for Scorpion. Scorpion is known for being the odd ball in the MK trilogy, his allegiances lie with no one. he is a very rogue, mysterious character (thats why he is my favorite! and i think they could've done a better job in portraying that with his character in this movie. But besides that, really cool trailer, did the movie itself ever get finished. I was hoping this was a live adaptation of the Hitman Reborn anime, but after watching this trailer, it doesn't really matter, cause it's still Bloody Spectacular. *do not *In *are heard *However *I *Is this true, Grammar Nazi.