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Published on January 21, 2020, 11:35 am — Short






And man this movie will get you thinking, the plot is also unpredictable and acting is very fine. You should watch it if you want to see something real and thought provoking.
First thing I want to mention is the film's cinematography. It's top notch.
Ship of Theseus is a movie that try to work on a philosophical idea. It is not a great movie but, its attempt to seek is amazing. It won't make you enlightened nor will it keep you mundane. It will rise you by a certain level in terms of your intellect and observation. SHIP OF THESEUS is a paradox for starters about existence and existent. It is similar to the ATMA (soul) and SHARIR (body) which is stressed and answered in complete detail in ancient Indian wisdom. This movie may remind some of us about Casmir Effect. Hence, director and his efforts are truly deserving.
What is the meaning of thought. meaning of searching reality. to wonder, explore and analyse.