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Cestou za mou svobodou se pro mě stala. Chcudak tipekfakt musim. #woke free full screen. Cením že jste to přepočítavali do litr/100 supér recenze díky. #woke free full moon. Len retard by toto urobyl pochopim ze robý trolling ale on len tak drbne taku koko*inu 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 teraz je nasmiech celemu SLOVENSKU AJ ČESKU. #Woke Free full article.

悪阻が終わったら迷惑をかけている子供と旦那さんに作りたいです. That would actually be even worse than now. The argument for deleting logi is that it enables attritional and guerilla tactics, because you can eventually wear ships down or at least force them off field even if you are outgunned. You suggestion means the bigger force still gets full reps (because they're taking less damage) and the smaller doesn't. Burls Art - you need to redo that demo at the end as a whole song. 10/10 would buy it.


#Woke Free full article on maxi. Moon. Síce ťa kvôli MC skoro vôbec nesledujem, no takéto videá si *veľmi* rád pozriem. A btw, keby to bolo kopírované alebo čo, tak by YouTube poslal nejaké varovanie o ohľadom tej hudby a požiadal o odstránenie hudby z videa, odstránenie samotného videa do určitej doby inak by zablokoval kanál či čo. So goooooood. My děkujeme tobě ❤️. Contrariandutchman asks an interesting question in the post previous. How come all the great bureaucracies are now controlled by people who want to work toward wokeness? Since weve lived with it for so long, it hard to get our heads around just how  bizarre “wokeness” is.  Living with the Left is like that one relationship we all had back in college, with the hot-but-psycho chick.  You quickly get habituated to the insanity (the “hot” part helps a  lot.   Then one day you look around and realize that no one in his right mind would ever live like this.  The past few weeks / months / years seem like a fever dream.  Wait, she did  what?   And I was ok with that? Even we dissidents, who consider ourselves fully aware of the Lefts insanity, can use the occasional refresher — not least because we unconsciously assume that the Lefts  real weirdos are Internet People, or academics.  But theyre not.  Unplug completely over the weekend, then turn on prime time tv.  Its the Star Wars cantina scene, and its  everywhere. Why on earth, then, would anyone choose  this? Im going to point yall, with reservations, to a site called Face to Face.  Specifically, this post.  The reservations are: The author apparently started out as a PUA (he was linked on the now sadly defunct Chateau Heartiste) with a thing for the barely-legals; he develops these unhealthy fixations on Leftists (e. g.  Bernie Sanders as the savior of Heritage America; this “Aimee Terese” Twitter person) hes apparently some kind of academic, so his off-the-rails posts are  really off the rails (e. g. the Bernie-love, his insistence that Trump will decline the 2020 Republican nomination.   In other words, its a Vox Day-type site — you can find a lot of good stuff there, but only by filtering it through the authors increasingly…ummmm… unique personality. The linked post is gold, though.  The quick and dirty version is: Since the goddamn Boomers will never, ever retire — theyll keep patting themselves on the back for Sticking It to the Man until theyre lowered into their tie-dyed, patchouli-reeking coffins, even though theyre all hedge fund managers and live in McMansions — the subsequent generations had to find a new area in which to compete for social status.  Thus  lifestyle striving for Gen X, and  persona striving for the Millennials. For Gen X, think of my personal candidate for “everything thats wrong with the 90s, all in one place, ” the 1994 movie  Reality Bites.  Dont rent it unless youre current on your blood pressure meds.  Its four of the 1990s most insufferable people (Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke, Ben Stiller, Janeane Garofalo) quipping about being slackers.  Well, except Stiller (also the director) who plays the grasping, uptight, sold-his-soul-to-The-Man yuppie foil to the other three.  Stiller is the Gen Xer who chose to compete in the oversaturated career arena; hes cartoonishly evil.  The rest of them hang out in coffee houses, polishing their image.  Theyre lifestyle competitors. For Millennials, and whatever were calling the upcoming generation (“The Lobotomized Snowflake Posse” is my suggestion, brevity be damned) well, just look at social media.  Even lounging-around-Starbucks lifestyle competition is out of reach for people who went 100K in the hole for a Gender Studies degree.  The only currency theyve got is  effort  — hey, didnt Karl Marx say something about that? — so Twitter becomes their full time job.  Xzhe with the most followers wins. And now were back in the realm of academias fucked up incentive structure.  The road to tenure takes only left turns, youll recall, because only “original” “research” gets published, and since Shakespeare aint writing no more sonnets, the only way to be “original” is through radical politics.  As above, so below — since nobodys going to upvote or retweet a sentiment like “Things are pretty much ok the way they are, ” social media becomes little more than competitive #wokeness. So much for the persona strivers.  But that doesnt really answer contrariandutchmans question, because our lavishly compensated FedGov flunkies actually  can compete in the lifestyle and career arenas.  Acela Corridor parasites are The 1% on any measure that makes sense to anyone in the real world.  Why are  they all #woke? Here again, academia provides the answer.  But first, lets talk about David Brooks, the “conservative” infamously aroused by Obamas perfectly creased pants.  There are few sillier people than David Brooks, but “take wisdom where you find it” is my motto (well, that and “mihi dare vinum”) and he really knocked it out of the park with  Bobos in Paradise.  No, seriously.  A “Bobo” is what Agnostic from Face to Face would call a lifestyle striver, but a  rich one. A Bobo, in other words, is a Gen Xer who  could compete with the Boomers on their turf… but since he also took the Boomers at their word when they went on (and on and on and on and on) about Sticking It to the Man (an all too common generational failing) the Bobo sees the Boomers luxury car / vacation home / trophy wife conspicuous consumption as unbearably gauche.  So instead, the Bobo spends 500 on a can opener because its good for the environment or is handcrafted by paraplegic Brazilian Eskimos or something, anything, so long as it a) obviously costs a shitload, and b) has some kind of Save-the-World rationale attached to it. Academia reinforces this.  Lots of Gen Xers went into the ivory tower for precisely that reason.  Yall know that the average professor hauls in nearly 200 large, right?  The median income for an American worker in 2019 was approximately 46, 800.  I was in History, not math, but even I can see that the eggheads take home over four times what the average Joe makes.  Which sets up another lifestyle contest.  When youre a) richer than sin, b) surrounded by a caste on slave wages, and c) ideologically committed to seeing yourself as The Peoples Champion, the only way out is to live Bobo-style.  Sure, sure, I have a 500 can opener… but Maricela the cook is really  empowered by using it, because it was made by transgendered aborigines Of Color. And since those Bobos are middle aged now, theyve indoctrinated two generations of students with this garbage.  And those two generations also came up with social media, so now youve got the heady combination of lifestyle  and persona striving.  Thats why the DC crew do what they do.  Competitive #wokeness is the only way to go… and since theyve got their 400-manicured mitts on the levers of power, we all get to be the bit players and stagehands in the big Broadway show that is their special unique wonderfulness. Loading Likes...

追加リーは罪深い. Cesta na show. Sleduju te od tvych 30 000 odberatelu. driv jsi nebyval tak narocny a zhyckany. byvalo to lepsi no. #woke free full game. Black Pigeon Speaks looks at the trajectory of America, which seems on a downhill slide and wonders, whats the problem? Heres a novel answer. Women vote. Thats the problem. …. hear me outOne of the big problems in democracy is Massive Government Entitlements, which will eventually bankrupt the country. Look at voting patterns:  Women vote more often for parties that promise them…. a lot more than men do. Open borders? Women vote more often fo. 0 177 560 0 4 20 minute read End of the line! TimBucks Recommended author for you 2 months 2 weeks ago 1:40 Georgia Free: “Just as, we are never going to go back to the 1950s, where Mom was at home the kids and dad was away at work nine to five. Were never going to replicate that because were never going to have the same circumstances, in this world, from which that kind of lifestyle arose. So the rules from back then, also dont apply to todays world. ”…. Respectfully, I think thats a dumb comment. Heres why:In 1950. 7 minute read 2 months 2 weeks ago How to Win the Culture War: Conservatives should do more technology developing like Bitchute and Paypal and Google alternatives, to help conservative causes. Heres why: Hollywood is dominated by the far left…. has been for decades -the media is dominated by the far left…. has been for decades -academia is dominated by the far left…. has been for decades -Silicon Valley is dominated by left wing people -comedians tend to be left wing Jordan Peterso. 10 minute read 2 months 4 weeks ago Backup: video/vKb01XLPR7E/Millennials embrace socialism. They show that in their voting preferences. Also Millennials embrace feminism, because they were taught that empowering women was good. Heres the problem with that: We have a Global Fertility Crash in advanced countries because we empowered women. So we in advanced countries will deal with both a fertility crash in the future, at the same time as we will likely eventually vote in socialism. Women especially. 9 minute read 3 months 1 week ago Backup video from Bitchute: video/9VZzlIDkgSQ/Interesting science, brought together by TFM… So now that we know some of the basic science of men and women and things like hyper-gamy and dominance and love, how do we deal with all this science? How do we deal the the real life consequences of biological truth? How do we use this science to construct better gender relations? Heres my take:As TFM said, in the past, religion used to restrain female sexual drives. 15 minute read Holyphonic Recommended author for you 1 day 17 hours ago Recently, a black guy in Florida was arrested because it was discovered that he was using a missing 15-year-old girl to produce pornography. Some 58 videos and some amount of photos were produced, and apparently, most of this content wound up on “PornHub”. Which, as far as I can tell, is the most popular porn site in the world. For hosting these videos for the masses to see, PornHub and others will not be charged. Neither will any of the, presumably, thousands. 5 minute read 3 days 15 hours ago So, most of you who read this probably know me from Dissenter, which is owned by Gab. If you dont know about this group, you really should check it out. I only rarely visit the actual “Gab” pages, but I wound up on my profile and saw that I had some notifications. I was tagged by. Andrew Stern. and. TexanerInLondon. who actually goes as far as having a star of David in his avatar, in a group called “Fighting Nazis on Gab”, where Jews. 1 minute read 1 week 3 days ago Coronavirus now has over 35 confirmed cases in Italy since the treacherous M5S government allowed a plane of 200 from Wuhan to land in Rome three days ago. All while their government is at the lowest support in 7 years, and the LEGA and Fratelli DItalia coalition has regional superiority and is the most-popular party in the nation by a landslide. This is what democracy looks like: Everyone hates their leaders, they prefer this one, but they dont get it becaus. 4 minute read 2 weeks 20 hours ago China. It has way too many people. So many people for viruses like Coronavirus to spread to. So many people, in fact, that there is no more space left for dead bodies to be buried. So, they made the decision to step up cremation, with China now having thousands of crematoriums. Thats still not enough to cremate 50 bodies in a timely manner. Remember that Asians are capable of building hospitals in ten days, and fixing massive sinkholes in a week. But cremating their. 1 minute read WarmPotato Recommended author for you 5 months 1 week ago Daria was a character on Beavis and Butthead who was basically, the normal one amongst the crazies. The guys would get involved in out of control adventures & Darias entire shtick was to have a bored look on her face, a bit obtuse and smart and above it all. Its a classic TV Trope! Joker & Batman, Squidward & Spongebob, Daria & Butthead! Nothing special. Then in 1997, Daria got her own spin-off show entitled, Daria. The Creator of Beavis & Butthe. 6 minute read 1 year 1 month ago Now Ive criticized Youtube many times in the past – but this is getting really out of hand! Its one thing for Youtube to go Corporate and have zero transparency, its another to allow pornography on their site! On Youtube, 500 hours of video are uploaded EVERY MINUTE. So it only makes sense that bad things slip by. To stop that, Youtube has a system that scans every upload for nudity and copyright infringement. But what about when there is no nudity? When peopl. 3 minute read 1 year 1 month ago To all the people hating on the US Military – this is for you. The people who say America needs to stop being the “Worlds Policeman” and that America needs to stop getting involved with foreign issues – this is for you. World War Two, it was from 1939 to 1945. Britain could not fight it alone, so America officially began sending troops in 1941. Post War, everything is dead. All of Europe is destroyed, economies are flat-lining – What ha. 7 minute read 1 year 1 month ago Gawker. com! A vapid gossip news site thats long since perished under its own stupidity. Gawker was the home of a great many insane projects such as their “Gawker Stalker” application, where the site kept GPS locations for celebrities. Fans could log on and post where they last saw celebs, and people would flock to that spot. Not only was this a complete violation of their privacy, but there were even cases where celebrity lives were put in danger for cl. 4 minute read Plague_Doctor Recommended author for you 10 months 2 weeks ago 5, 800 stores closures have been announced yet its only the first quarter of 2019. U. S. retail is looking very bleak due to the economy is slowing down and people carrying too much debt strangling their personal budgets making them consume less and less. The real economic conditions are worsening, yet mainstream publications are claiming that all of this, or at least the majority of 5, 800 US store closures just the beginning of this year, can be explained by the upsw. 3 minute read 10 months 2 weeks ago The history of the current Federal Reserve system points directly back to the Bank of England and that to the major Venetian banks of the Medieval era. The documentary below shines a light on the true nature of medieval banking by presenting relevant facts and uncovering the workings of the Black Nobility throughout the centuries leading up to the foundation of the Bank of England and the East India Company. During this era of human history, much like what is happening tod. 3 minute read 11 months 1 day ago A day after a successful Brexit referendum on June 24, 2016, David Cameron resigned leaving the responsibilities of making good on the promise of carrying out Brexit in the hands of Theresa May. Theresa May promised a ‘better Britain:“A vision of a country that works not for the privileged few but that works for every one of us because were going to give people more control over their lives and thats how, together, we will build a better Br. 7 minute read 1 year 1 month ago Yesterday officials of the Federal Reserve decided to raise raised its benchmark interest rate by a quarter point to a range between 2. 25% and 2. 5. This is the 4th such time by the FED this year. During the next years we will see multiple more interest rates ‘hikes with it the tightening of credit and also quantitative tightening which will send stock markets down the drain. This week brought the DOW down by 1, 500 points making it a complete disaster. It was. 4 minute read Chief Recommended author for you 1 year 9 months ago Alex Jones got really pissed after the news came out about the Syria attack perpetrated by the United States, the United Kingdom and France. He was shouting, calling people out and just ranting away. His concerns over the Syria operation is valid since Syria is an ally of the Russian Federation and some members of Trump's administration might genuinely want to escalate the situation in Syria and in the Middle East even further by launching attacks against Syrian and Russia. 1 minute read 1 year 9 months ago Google has made sure in recent years to not just optimize its operating system, Android, but also created a new version of Android, named Android Go to make the OS run on lower end mobile devices much better. Android Go is currently optimized to run on phones with 1GB or less RAM. Aside from the modifications done to the operating system, there are also the new Android Go versions for many popular first-party apps which considerably reduced their sizes and complexity somet. 2 minute read 1 year 10 months ago Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, will be answering questions in the U. Senate. Senators and other officials for instance from the White House will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about Facebook and its policy on privacy and user monitoring and interrogate Zuckerberg on those and other topics. He will be receiving some hard questions on these and about recent events in connection with Facebook and Instagram. The concentration of users at Facebook and other se. 1 minute read 1 year 10 months ago SpaceX's plan to deploy its satellite system composed of 4, 425 individual satellites working in tandem was approved by the Federal Communications Commission in the United States, so Elon Musk's company is now legally authorized to carry out its plan to launch those satellites into Earth orbit. The satellite network got the name Starlink and will come online if at least 900 satellites are active. Starlink will use frequencies in the Ka and Ku brands and plans to provide glo. 1 minute read My 2 Cents Recommended author for you 1 year 1 month ago Internalized misogyny is a huge problem today…. or so says Anita Sarkeesian and her sexually ambiguous crew. Ive covered a number of cringy videos in the #FeministFail series, but this one definitely takes the cake. ScriptHello everyone this is My 2 Cents. You ever hear the words patriarchy, oppression, womens liberation? Of course you have, because feminists are some of the loudest and most obnoxious people on the planet. And perhaps none are more obnoxious. 10 minute read 1 year 2 months ago By now, Im assuming everyone has heard that Patreon has banned several prominent YouTubers, including Sargon of Akkad.  The reason?  Well, as author Raymond Wong, writing for Mashable, puts it, Sargon is “a scumbag human” (Wong, 2018, para. 2.   Interesting that Wong used this terminology for Sargon since he opened his article saying that the ban was against “alt-right and far right content creators” (para. 1.   Being as charitable as possible to those that want to charac. 3 minute read 1 year 2 months ago Before I begin this article, let me quickly say that Prager University has put out some very good videos in the past, particularly regarding basic economics. That being said, on many occasions Ive been downright disgusted with material that the platform has put out. Besides endorsing opportunist frauds like Candace Owens, Prager University routinely endorses using government force to achieve ends it sees as in the common interest of Americans (i. e. collectivism. However. 4 minute read 1 year 2 months ago This weeks news wrap-up features the Mueller investigations apparent deal with Michael Cohen, CNNs firing of Marc Lamont Hill, and Obamas incessant need to take credit for every good thing in America. The weekly hottie is Daisy Keech. ScriptHello everyone and welcome back to 2 Day with 2 Cents, wrapping up your weekly news.  Ill be honest, I struggled to find news that I actually wanted to talk about this week, not that nothing happened. It was just all so stupid. Any. 6 minute read The Founder Recommended author for you 6 months 2 weeks ago For those looking for the Original Clinton Body Count and are unable to find it, dont worry, I have copies. All credit goes to This list is updated to the year 2016. Since then, 6 more persons related to the Clinton political sphere have been found suspiciously dead, murdered or just disappeared. “The following is a partial list of a large number of persons who have recently met their demise in suspicious circumstances who appear to have some connection to the. 45 minute read 6 months 2 weeks ago This is another economics post so if you are not interested in making money or saving the money you have, you have my permission to move along. If you have read my previous posts, you know I am balls deep in some portfolio diversity. Namely     Precious metals and bitcoin. For those who are only tip deep into the markets will say something like “Gold has stalled, silver hasnt moved in a decade and America is having the best economy its had in a decade. “ Let me tell you w. 4 minute read 7 months 1 week ago Is it time to kick the civil war off right? In case you havent heard, Journalist, Andy Ngo whose claim to fame is getting in the middle of the action of Antifa demonstrations was attacked and suffered lacerations and a brain bleed.  Watch: Andy Ngo isnt conservative. Hes just not crazy. He even mentioned on twitter that he was nervous because Antifa was actively looking to cause him bodily harm. @MrAndyNgoWith things obviously ramping up, is it time to declare war again. 1 minute read 7 months 2 weeks ago As long as welfare exists, I have to support the wall. If welfare were abolished today, I would be against the wall. Just watch the vid…Building the Wall Without Trump. Taking the Initiative. I would love to have an open border if the playfield was level. However, even in the great state of Alaska, I have seen preferential treatment for illegal aliens. In employment, services, resources…I dont understand it. I am forced to pay for their house, their heal. 1 minute read Nationalist Right Recommended author for you 7 months 1 week ago Antifa is a Communist OrganizationOK Boomers, we need to talk.  We need to set some stuff straight.  I will just start off by saying ANTIFA ARE NOT NAZIS SO STOP COMPARING THEM TO NAZIS. Just because they are scary doesnt make them Nazis.  You cant fight your enemy if you do not know who you are fighting.  Lets go over who is what and why. Antifa are Marxist, Communist, Bolsheviks and are for a nationless world and are left wing and largely Jewish. They existed in ea. 3 minute read 8 months 2 days ago ProblemsOne problem we have is most whites dont see and feel what we do. We recognize the lies of both the left and right wings of the establishment.  We see Whites attacked in Europe because they are white, we see Whites attacked in South Africa and We see that in the future here in the U. S.  In fact we already see it here. We know the White Replacement is real and not a conspiracy theory, normie Whites dont.  Too Comfy White people are still too comfy right now. Our id. 3 minute read 8 months 2 weeks ago I almost cant handle it anymore;  I almost cant handle being awake. Between, Woke Capital, seeing the intentional replacement of Whites in Western countries, the blissful ignorance of the Conservative Boomers, propaganda from Hollywood, corrupt politicians, absolute breakdown of the News Media, Jews buying the criminalization of simply asking questions about the Holocaust, and everything else that is “WOKE”, and I am sure we all know what that is.  Its just getting tire. 3 minute read 9 months 1 week ago Im a Nazi.  Im a White Supremacist.  I am a White Nationalist.  I am a racist.  I am a bigot.  I am a Xenophobe.  I am a Homophobe.  I am an Islamaphobe. I am an anti-Semite (I almost forgot that one.   I am all this and then some, well, according to the modern day Leftist.  I am a horrible person who should be considered a terrorist, and all my rights should be taken away from me because the lefties are scared of me. Well, let me tell you what I really am.  I am someone. 2 minute read servicesix Recommended author for you 1 month 1 week ago The Bamiyan Buddhist Statues The Bamiyan Buddhist statues were two large statues of the Buddha, 35m and 55m high, respectively, that were found in caves in a remote part of the Bamya province of Afghanistan. They were destroyed by the Taliban using explosives in March of 2001. Using neo-evolutionary theory, along with game theory as I see it applying to evolution, I will analyze some of the literature on the site and explain its construction and subsequent destruction. Evo. 10 minute read 3 months 3 weeks ago Syria is Better Off Alone 1DownloadThough criticism of President Trump has become an almost all encompassing past time for most members of the legacy media, movie stars, and entrenched politicians, he has drawn particular ire this week for his decision to pull U. Ground Forces out of Syria. Senator Lindsey Graham called the withdrawal, “Withdrawal of this small American force in Syria would be a huge Obama-like mistake, ”[1] which is interesting, because it was under the. 9 minute read 4 months 2 days ago Why are so many wealthy elites pedophiles? And why are they Satanists, too? It seems, in many ways, like a simple rhetorical. Amid the average Americans frustration and distrust with the pollical class, its easy to get lost in anger and forget there is a process, and underlying set of conditions that led us here. What where those conditions? Why did they materialize? What can we do about them? The first thing we need to do is understand some basic facts about evolutionar. 15 minute read 7 months 6 days ago The topic that I will be discussing is the Taliban, the evolutionary motivations for the war in Afghanistan and the treatment of women in that country. For several thousand years Afghanistan has been at the crossroads of differing local hegemonic powers. The country has been racked by Forty years of near continuous warfare. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that the plays of both state and non-state actors over what appears to be a relatively strategically unimpo. 24 minute read Zeus Recommended author for you 1 year 9 months ago Sky News decided to simply, in a quite bad manner, decided to abruptly cut off a former British Armed Forces commander for questioning the official narrative about the recent chemical attack in Syria. The former commander just happened to question if the Syrian government led by Bashar al-Assad had any motive at all. As the commander has said, the Syrian government is currently easily winning the fight against insurgents in the area. Meanwhile, U. Pre. 3 minute read 1 year 10 months ago YouTube has entered the recent gun control debate going down in the United States with its new announcements to Ban videos which promote or point to a place, site or any store which sells firearms and all kinds of accessories to firearms. In addition to the mentioned new changes Google has also decided to ban all videos on YouTube showing how to assemble-disassemble a handgun or a rifle. A spokewoman has stated that “While weve long prohibited the sale of firearms, w. 2 minute read 1 year 11 months ago You should probably read my first post on Linkyou, Existence of Russian Super Weapon is announced at the annual address of the Federal Assembly. It's very much related to this one. Trust me, mortal one. March is usually a very eventful month. Notably, the Ides of March is the 15th day of the month which, in Roman times, corresponded with the deadline for settling debts. Also on 15th of March represents such historical occurrences as, for instance: the murder of J. 2 minute read 1 year 11 months ago It's my first time posting on Linkyou, so Hello World! There was an interesting revelation made about a day ago, I am a bit late, to be honest, but no matter, not many outlets are actually citing the reasons why President Putin decided to make such an announcement in his annual address to the Russian nation. President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin has said that. Now, on to the most important defence issue. Back in 2000, the US announced its. 5 minute read.

#woke free full movies 2017. Alone I like Alone II comment. #woke free full size. YouTube. Common performing at Bing Concert on Sept. 28, 2016, in New York City Noam Galai/Getty Images for Advertising Week New York As the country marches to the twilight of 2016, an already dreary year is hit with a storm that puts Hurricane Matthew to shame. The fog of discordant hatred ushered in by Donald Trump's election to the presidency of the United States seems like an appropriate stamp on 11 months marred by unchecked police shootings of unarmed black men and women, continued mass incarceration of people of color, and abnormally abundant deaths of celebrated icons (Prince, Maurice White and Muhammad Ali among them. But as time has proved over and over, black musicians refuse to allow social turmoil to go undiagnosed. From Beyoncé's unleashing of "Formation. Michael Kiwanuka's "Black Man in a White World" and Solange Knowles' A Seat at the Table, our artists have, one by one, begun to call out the prejudices of society while also celebrating their blackness. As our people continue to emerge from the matrix known as the "post-racial" era, music serves as the scripture to draw knowledge from. Thus, 2016 is without a doubt a watershed year for black social music and rallying cries for the woke. Black musicians have always been an X-ray of the psyche of American life. From Marvin Gaye's beautifully bleak "Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)” (1971) right up to the head-nodding righteous indignation of De La Soul's "Stakes Is High” (1996) artists have been reacting forever to the systematic attacks on African Americans. However, the gaudy bliss of "shiny-suit-era" rap signaled unprecedented financial upticks and assimilation for black people. The music reflected that change, later transitioning to the "bling-bling" days and soon moving to gangsta rap's offspring. The frantic and broody trap music exacerbated a culture of drug dealing and debauchery. Without definitive social flashpoints—e. g., the Rodney King beating—to react to, matched with societal indifference and loudening post-racial rhetoric, conscious black music entered a dark age. With the 2012 death of Trayvon Martin, the black community went into a period of outrage that only intensified with the deaths of Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice and countless others, not to mention the ongoing contaminated-water crisis in Flint, Mich. As always, such social upheaval forced the hands of our most creative people, and slowly, artists like D'Angelo and Kendrick Lamar began to make bold statements with their music, striking a nerve and winning awards along the way. Soon, people like Gary Clark Jr. and Janelle Monáe began to follow suit, often combining musical protests with physical protests. At the top of 2016, Beyoncé shocked fans and critics with the sudden release of "Formation. a song and video in which the superstar singer flaunted her "Negro nose and Jackson 5 nostrils" while visually jabbing at the government's slow reaction to Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans. When she performed it at the Super Bowl halftime show in February in black military garb (influenced by Michael Jackson) over 100 million people saw black female dancers pay homage to the Black Panthers while moving into an "X" formation. Once the biggest star of them all was compelled to wear her heritage on her sleeve, a flood of unapologetic blackness and political commentary sprang forth. Just one week after the Super Bowl, Kendrick Lamar's showstopping Grammy performance blurred the lines between mass incarceration, African heritage and exacting retribution on our murderous oppressors. It was an eye-opening illustration that reminded all watching that you can "trap our bodies, but can't trap our minds. This exclamation point on Lamar's 2015 To Pimp a Butterfly album was an inspiring agent for fellow rappers. MCs you'd never expect to hear political statements from began contributing to the cause. Roc Nation artist Vic Mensa has provided a trifecta of social songs: 16 Shots. a vengeful reaction to the police shooting of Laquan McDonald; Shades of Blue. an indictment of the shameful water crisis in Flint; and "Free Love. a pledge of solidarity and understanding for the LGBTQ community. West Coast rapper YG also took a reprieve from rhyming about life as a Blood to lash out at the unforgivable racist hyperbole of the now president-elect with "FDT” (an acronym for “F—k Donald Trump”. Schoolboy Q took a page from labelmate Lamar on his verse for "That Part (Black Hippy Remix. damning those who taped the murder of Alton Sterling instead of helping him, and speaking to the hypocrisy of inner-city citizens allowing black-on-black crime to persist while police officers killed without consequence. The bravery of these artists' decisions can't be overstated. Sadly, it's rare for an artist, black or white, to make any kind of political statement without receiving backlash from critics, labels and fans alike. For instance, police departments threatened a Beyoncé boycott after "Formation" was released. It's a testament to the performers that they feel compelled to stop sweeping injustice under the rug, no matter what it might cost them. Rapper T. I. made himself and his label millions by glorifying drugs and promiscuity, but this fall he put his conscience above his reputation and dropped the EP Us or Else— six explosive tracks declaring that black Americans shall no longer allow disrespect, violence and systemic oppression. His video for "Warzone" reverses roles, reimagining the killings of Eric Garner and Tamir Rice as involving black cops and white victims. It's one of the most blatantly defiant musical declarations in years. Perhaps no other artist in 2016 has captured the aesthetic of the woke better than Solange. Her album A Seat at the Table was full of affirmations of cultural ownership, and songs like "Don't Touch My Hair" and "F. U. B. served as a warning to potential appropriators of said culture: Don't be mad if you can't sing along/Just be glad you got the whole wide world/This us/Some [s—t] you can't touch. With such seething, timely lyrical commentary over timelessly soulful instrumentation, Solange, who was seemingly stuck in her sister's shadow, has become a new leader of the zeitgeist, and her album debuted at No. 1. It's fate that the year is closing with music that beams with a message of change. The always conscious rap legends Common and A Tribe Called Quest dropped their most definitively and most angry political music yet via Black America Again and We Got it From Here … Thank You 4 Your Service, respectively. Each album evokes the need to embrace spirituality, enlightenment and accountability in an effort to endure. Tribe's "We the People … " abhors the divisive tactics designed to place minorities back into subservient positions. Common's "Black America Again" is a call to action for us to start "rewriting the black American story. Profound, considering how long black artists have been giving us a melodic textbook of American history. And as the future of this country appears uncertain at best and miserable at worst, we can now confidently look to our musicians, singers and MCs for reflection, guidance and solace. Matthew Allen is a music journalist and television producer based in New York City. His work can be found in Ebony, Jet, the Village Voice, Red Bull Music Academy, Revive Music and Wax Poetics magazine.

Díky ceníme to✌️... Hned začal rok o krok líp 😉. Že bez vás by už nebylo po mě. She is so talented ❤️ I like how everyone just dances randomly at the Shakira part. Super video. kde teda ale predat svoje auto a ked tak kupit auto. Štastný nový rok 2020 pekne video ako vždy :D.

Unless you've been living under a rock (or just very much removed from social media, in which case, I applaud you for going to a place I never will) then the concept of "woke" being used as an adjective is not a particularly new thing for you. As in, stay woke. You've seen that phraseology floating around, I'm sure. But what does "woke" mean, specifically, when used in that form? I can already hear the Baby Boomers grumbling about the future of the English language, but honestly, they're the reason we pepper our sentences with extra "likes. They can, like, go grumble elsewhere. According to, woke" is the past tense of "wake" — as in, someone who is past the process of waking up. They're done with it. They've moved on. They've evolved from, you know, being asleep and hitting the snooze button 15 times. And frankly, that's a pretty accurate description of how "woke" is currently being used as an adjective. Urban Dictionary defines "woke" as being aware, and "knowing what's going on in the community. It also mentions its specific ties to racism and social injustice. To use "woke" accurately in a sentence, one that captures its connotations and nuances, you'd need to reference someone who is thinking for themselves, who sees the ways in which racism, sexism and classism affect how we live our lives on a daily basis. Or, alternatively, someone who doesn't. In which case: Giphy The rise in popularity of "woke" has been tied to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which initially surfaced in 2013 following the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin. #StayWoke often accompanied social media posts about police brutality, systematic racism and the industrial prison complex. #StayWoke reminds readers to look past the provided narrative, to examine their own privilege (or lack thereof. StayWoke reminds readers that there is more than one reality to life in the United States. Giphy The actual phrasing of "woke. it should be mentioned, has been a part of black culture for decades. It's not the first AAVE word to be taken up by the greater public ( bae" and "twerk" and "trap queen" are just a few) and it certainly won't be the last. If you are interested in a detailed timeline that charts the recent evolution of "woke" in pop culture to its use today, I'd highly suggest checking out this article by Charles Pulliam-Moore. It's fascinating. More recently, Erykah Badu used "stay woke" in her 2008 song Master Teacher, and by 2011 the phrase had begun to gain popularity as a way of describing an informed, questioning, self-educating individual, which is essentially how we use it today. Four years after the shooting of Trayvon Martin, woke" is on MTV's Top 10 Teen Slang Words for 2016. BuzzFeed just published an article about everybody's favorite woke bae, Matt McGorry (a must-read, tbh. You can take quizzes to test how woke you are and Twitter now urges you to #StayWoke about everything from fast food conspiracy theories to ridesharing price surges. That's fine. I took those quizzes, and I love Matt McGorry, who is both woke and bae. But just remember the roots of "woke" when you use it, because it embodies a lot more than just a "grammatically incorrect" hashtag. Editor's note: This article was updated from its original version on Feb. 26, 2018.
#Woke free falling.
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#Woke Free full version. #Woke free full text. I still think the Busch family snuck over to Bohemia and stole the recipe from the Czechs for Budweiser. I mean come on, Ceske Budejovice is known as Budweis in Germany,and now in English. That is more than a coincident... Just sweet! Love the git fiddle and the playing at the end was absolutely superb. Bless You Man For Sharing. Figurative woke —being socially and politically awake, or aware—starts in emerging in Black English at least by the 1940s. A 1943 article in The Atlantic  quoted a black United Mine Workers official from 1940 playing with  woke  in a metaphor for social justice: “Waking up is a damn sight than going to sleep, but well stay woke up longer. ” By the 1960s, woke could more generally mean “well-informed” in Black English, but it still strongly aligned with political awareness, especially in the context of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950–60s and appearing in the phrase stay woke. The term was notable enough to prompt a 1962  New York Times article commenting on black slang, titled “If Youre Woke You Dig It. ” Melaninful A 1972 play about the black nationalist Marcus Garvey, Garvey Lives! by Barry Beckham, notably used woke for awareness of racial injustice in the Black community: “I been sleeping all my life. And now that Mr. Garvey done woke me up, Im gon stay woke. And Im gon help him wake up other black folk. ” Singer and activist Erykah Badu is credited with helping to revive  woke in her 2008 song “Master Teacher, ” whose chorus dreams of a better, uplifted world: “What if it were no niggas / Only master teachers? I stay woke (dreams dreams. ” After Trayvon Martin, a young unarmed black man, was shot dead in February 2012, many in the black community issued calls to  stay woke  to the discrimination and injustice black people face in the US, particularly in the form of police brutality. Wonder if Trayvon would be given the same benefit of the doubt as Zimmerman if the situation was reversed… Woke — Brad ( BreezeJackson) April 5, 2012 Especially under the hashtag “#staywoke” on social media,  woke  took off in 2014 with the Black Lives Matter movement, ignited by the tragic shooting of two other young, unarmed black men by police officers. Among activists, woke and stay woke were cries not just to be aware of racial injustice, but to organize and mobilize to do something about it. Woke was quickly appropriated by mainstream white culture in the mid-2010s, to the criticism of many black observers. In many instances, woke did spread in keeping with its activist spirit, referring to awareness of other forms of injustice, such as sexism, anti-gay sentiment, and white privilege. when its 2016 and ya man still aint woke — jenna jackson ( jennalinds) June 17, 2016 In other cases, though, the force of woke was diluted, the subject of humorous memes or just casually used as a label for anyone who is “with the times, ” not necessarily engaged in the fight for justice and equality. This dilution especially occurred on woke Twitter, with major brands appearing to capitalize on social justice to appeal to millennials. Stay woke — Wendys ( Wendys) March 28, 2017 Now,  stay woke is pretty abundant in mainstream media … everyone from Childish Gambino to Netflix is cashing in on the phrases popularity but also spreading its 100% important and influential meaning, as well.

A school librarians reading initiative highlights social justice. These are volatile times. Across the country, parents of color are having “the talk” with their kids about how to prevent the police from seeing them as a threat because of their skin color or how they dress. Families are being torn apart and deported. Each day on TV, we witness acts of social injustice. I come to school and talk about these events with my students, many of whom have opinions—but not much knowledge about their rights. Every year I have a theme in my school library. In 2017, it was Harry Potter. In our current political and social climate, I knew that my students were hurting and needed something different this year. After coming across the Stay Woke edition of Essence magazine, I launched Read Woke at my library. What is Read Woke? Its a feeling. A form of education. A call to action, and our right as lifelong learners. It means arming yourself with knowledge to better protect your rights. Learning about others so you treat people with respect and dignity, no matter their religion, race, creed, or color. I concluded that a Woke Book must: • Challenge a social norm • Give voice to the voiceless • Provide information about a group that has been disenfranchised • Seek to challenge the status quo • Have a protagonist from an underrepresented or oppressed group We started Read Woke in September. The students were asking questions in response to the many cases of unarmed black boys and men being shot by police officers. They wanted answers. They were angry. They staged a walkout, but that did nothing to appease their rage. My school is more than 70 percent Latino. The day DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was repealed, my students were crying and afraid. That made my movement even more relevant. Students who read four recommended books from my Read Woke list can win a T-shirt, a free book, and post a photo on our Instagram. They may review titles, too. I also asked teachers to adopt Woke Books—they read them and use trivia questions to quiz the students on their knowledge of the titles. Our most popular books are Dear Martin, I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter, The Book of Unknown Americans, and The Hate U Give. They all have characters who look like my students and face issues plaguing our society. Theres a waiting list for these titles, and our circulation has increased from 2, 340 to 2, 817. Faculty circulation shot up by almost 50 percent! “Before this, I had never read an entire book, ” one student commented. “I will keep reading woke books. ” Students are recommending books and engaging in serious dialogue. I bought the books using my county-allocated funds. A student-run school T-shirt lab created the shirts in exchange for publicity. When I started Read Woke, I asked myself how I could make an impact. A quote from The Librarian of Auschwitz exemplifies my mission: “The library has now become her first-aid kit, and shes going to give the children a little of the medicine that helped her recover her smile when she thought shed lost it forever. ” Let the healing begin. Cicely Lewis is a small-town girl from Mississippi with a passion for promoting literacy in nontraditional ways in her media center at Meadowcreek High School in Norcross, GA. Currently, shes featured on the cover of the 2017 “The Power of Librarians” calendar. Get Print. Get Digital. Get Both! Libraries are always evolving. Stay ahead. Log In.

#woke free full movie hd. Oh oh, oh oh. RISE School Time Music LLC Written by Kaitlin McGaw, Tommy Shepherd. Music by Derrick Okoth, Torrance Esmond. Produced by D. O. Speaks & Street Symphony. With excerpts from “America is Black” by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou, and speech by President Barack Obama. Features Genevieve Goings, with Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Mista Cookie Jar, Aaron Nigel Smith, and youth poets Aissa Negus and Omari Diltz. INTRO If you cant fly, what can you do? RUN If you cant run, what can you do? WALK If you cant walk, what can you do? CRAWL If you cant crawl, what can you do? ROLL Whatever it is we got to keep it moving - Rise! “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. ” President Barack Obama I have a dream Yea I float like a butterfly sting like a bee. Gonna be the change in the world that we gotta see… Yes I fall down, time and time again I fall down time and time again I fall But still I rise, Rise, rise, rise. Still I rise People say amazing things People do amazing things People are amazing beings You are what amazing is POEM - Tatyana Fazlalizadeh America is black It is native It wears a hijab It is a spanish speaking tongue It is migrant It is a woman It is here. has been here And its not going anywhere CHORUS YOU ARE BORN TO TOUCH THE SKY YOU ARE HERE TO LIVE THAT LIFE DREAM HIGH - DREAM WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT CUZ YOU ARE BORN TO TOUCH THE SKY You may get me with your words You may cut me with your eyes You may hurt me with your hatefulness Nonetheless still I rise Nonetheless just like air still I rise If they call us bad names - look them in the eye If they push us down - be a true ally If they try to build a wall, we wont comply Cuz when they go low. we go high They go low - we go high You may cut me with your eyes - I rise SHINE School Time Music Written by: Kaitlin McGaw, Tommy Shepherd, Genevieve Goings. Music by: Torrance Esmond, Derrick Okoth Produced by: D. Speaks and Street Symphony. Featuring: Genevieve Goings Let the sunshine in (SHINE) in my beautiful skin, I (SHINE) Cuz its from within And you can see me glow every time I… (SHINE) VERSE When they catch a good glimpse of what Im really on I will get some followers Prolly like a million Smile so big that it's lookin like the ceilings gone You be like is that the sun? Nope it's just the bright one Shades on, take a look (look) at this complexity Not just a star Im-a (Im-a) Im-a galaxy Im the big bang (big bang) written in the black stars Everything thats beautiful has me up at the start My dreams are awakening everybodys sleepin' in Follow my light to the life we should be leadin' My imagination is the fire earth is my knowledge Wind is my word - Flow like water. thats my) thats my power Watch me shine I know rivers Design pyramids I fly Like Pharaoh and Cleopatra did I sing loud and yes I speak clearly When its about my skin my hair my prayers my family Im a bird in the sky - Not like a bird caged Carving out a true path - right up to center stage Making my voice a tradition not a holiday More than a month man my history is everyday And everyday I pray 5 times and yes I do I pray for you That youll tie it up tight in a pair of my shoes Or my skin my hair my clothes my rights my life or the light on my skin and we can BRIDGE Instrumental CHORUS.