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23/03/2008 Carson Cant Keep Up with Rodney Dangerfields Non-Stop One-Liners (1974. Duration: 11:51. Rodney Dangerfield Recommended for you. Dal: Yma/narnia. Dal: Yma/Nawr. Dal 3a yma mawr remix. 04/11/2017 Film produced for S4C by Fiction Factory's production company, which gives a unique look of the ancient poetic tradition of Europe over the last 2,000 years. From a collection of Aneirin's heroic.

Dal: Yma/naru. Rhys Ifans - Dal: Yma/ Nawr (Still: Here/Now) 2003.


Dal: Yma/Nawr (English: Still: Here/Now) is a 2003 Welsh documentary film directed by Marc Evans starring John Cale, Ioan Gruffudd and Rhys Ifans. Dal: Yma/naruto.


Dic Jones - Y Gwanwyn.





Dal: Yma/Nawr - Film Hub Wales, Canolfan Ffilm. 23/04/2011 Traditional Welsh folksong performed for the documentary "Dal: Yma/Nawr. Still: Here/Now. Director: Marc Evans (2003. Dal: Yma/Nawr (2003. The film produced for S4C by TV company Fiction Factory, takes viewers on a 2,000-year odyssey through Europes oldest surviving bardic tradition. Free Download Dal: Yma/Nawr no registration Full. Dal: Yma/Nawr (2003. Marc Evans, Cast and Crew.