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release date 2003 / Directed by Matt Farnsworth / 23 votes / Crystal meth is on the rise in the Midwest. This is one story of the new epidemic destroying rural America / countries USA Read more

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  1. directors - João Daniel Tikhomiroff
  2. Duration - 99 M
  3. Review - Since the ban on use of animals in circus shows, the Great Sumatra Circus faces a major financial crisis. Baron, who owns the circus, accepts unseemly proposals from the mayor to hold cattle auctions, rallies and other alternative events at the circus. Unhappy with the news, circus artists come together to plan a new show and re-attract the audience, led by Didi, Dedé and Karina
  4. 2017
  5. audience score - 49 vote
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— Angela Richter; Directed by - Cyril Tuschi; Documentary; 90minute; Info - Whistle-blowers David Ellsberg, Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, William Binney, Julian Assange and Annie Machon are interviewed about illegal surveillance by NSA, Nixon, MI5, MI6 and BND and the price whistle-blowers pay Read more

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country Israel / Writed by Noa Berman-Herzberg / Directors Ayelet Bargur / Runtime 63 minutes / The untold story of my great-great aunt Beate Berger, and the "Beith Ahawah Kinderheim" she founded in 1922 in Berlin for Jewish children in need. It is the story of her courageous decision, during the early 1930s, to save "her" children from Nazi Germany, and the unique rescue operation that followed. She succeeded in bringing the children to the new "Ahawah" home she built in the Haifa Bay (then Palestine). This is a film about memory, about hope and about an amazing rescue operation run by one woman who had the historical vision and understanding of the reality in 1933 Berlinthat few others had. But, most of all, it is a film about the love that was the essence of "Beith Ahawah" in Auguststarße 14-16, Berlin. Ayelet Bargur studied Art at TelAviv University and Film at Camera Obscura. Her graduation film, "A Good Place to Be" and her TV drama "As if Nothing Happened" were screened at festivals around the world and won a number of awards. Selected filmography: "As if Nothing Happened" ('99), "At the End of the Day" ('00), "Children of the Night" ('01), "Ras Pina" ('01), "So Near So Far" ('03) Read more

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— 19 Votes Country - USA directed by - Ari Sheinkin 7,2 / 10 Read more

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  1. Talon Teton, Trevor Beasley
  2. 8,6 / 10
  3. Josh Smith
  4. reviews=Iron Brothers is a movie starring Tate Smith, Porter Smith, and Talon Teton. Two Fur Traders on the Run from Shoshone Indians Test the Bonds of Brotherhood
  5. Runtime=1 H, 32 Min
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— Poland. Genres: Comedy, Drama. Writed by: Jan Himilsbach. Duration: 55 minutes. 16 Votes Read more

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Rating - 763 vote; 2009; User rating - 4,2 / 10; Actor - Manon Tournier; Humains is a movie starring Sara Forestier, Lorànt Deutsch, and Dominique Pinon. A team of several researchers travel to the Swiss Alps to investigate a scientific discovery on human evolution Read more

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— Action / Runtime - 99 Minutes / writed by - Hin-Pang Hung / Sang Lung / Billy Chow, Fujimi Nadeki Read more

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— 65 Vote
7 of 10 Stars
writer: Rosemary Clooney
John Karlen
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