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Vy should throw an entire watermelon at you while yo have a weapon.


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He is asassin but look what she had on the neck. >James Bond is disguising himself >The song they use is cancer >This is gonna be the failed movie like others. I've played 1 AC game and it was a fast walkthrough, i don't remember very much of the story. Well i thought this movies story was really deep and realistic. It almost never gets boring, it is filled with lots of action scenes and parkour. While the story never stops to unravel a interesting story and new moments for the characters.
This might be the most underrated movie of 2016. When reading some of the critics reviews it is obvious, that they are to dumb to get the story even though it is not complicated. but today's critics and most people who base their jobs on watching movies and writing what they feel and not how the see the movie as a big whole. They often have very low intelligence. Truly cancer critics. please i dare you to get more distracted and dumb when watching a simple movie like this... meh your life

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Love that they show how his blade got broken so ezio had to fix it. Should've gotten the ezio blade. İts a trailer or movie. Song: Superhuman Damned. Still watching it in 2018. Assassin's Creed. Still my favourite AC game I never got bored of it. Unity trailer is a bestt. She mispronounced so many names, Malaka. Connor saves the day and washington that appeared in the dollar. Many disliked this film and they have legitimate reason for doing so; I don't blame them. I rather enjoyed the good I saw more than the bad and loved the film. To be fair though, I am also the likes of which that favours Dan Brown films; the National Treasure movies; and the most recent four Daniel Day Lewis film takes a certain kind of fan.

So AC is getting awesome again, im glad. Whats happening at 0:44. Come to papa. Hyped for this movie I love assassins creed games this looks epic. Overwatch weapons. plz.






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