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I'll expand on this, but some of my favorite tweets from this "historian" who acts as a sort of cultural/moral authority name Lizzie Wade She's seen as a figure regarding Aztec history and current events >The Mexica sacrificed thousands of people in the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan—and now archaeologists have found a literal tower of their skulls beneath Mexico City. I'm proud to share my @sciencemagazine cover story on this amazing discovery! One tweet: >The. A/N: So, a little bit later than I had wanted to have this finished, but here it is! Episode 11! No action in this episode, more slice-of-life, with a bit of expose, and maybe a couple feels. This one is a bit shorter than the last few, coming in at about 7600 words. This is also going to be Rinn's last trip to Earth for a while. Episode 12 is moving ahead with the story. Only a day's advance, but the other artificers will be showing up, and you'll get to meet all of those characters.

Ideas for a 5th story route. Alan Rickman is cardiologist Dr. Alfred Blalock (endowed with that god-attitude intrinsic to most heart surgeons) who arrives at John Hopkins Hospital in 1941 with Vivien Thomas in tow (Mos Def) his poverty-stricken, creative, resourceful lab technician. Like Something the Lord Made Vivien Thomas was paid a janitor's wage, never went to college, and still became a legend in the field of heart surgery. Apparently Mos Def is a rapper. But alongside veteran actor Alan Rickman, we'd be hard-pressed not to regard him as Rickman's thesp equal. Something the Lord Made (2005) Although Vivien Thomas (Mos Def) a black man in the 1930s, is originally hired as a janitor, he proves himself adept at assisting the "Blue Baby doctor, Alfred Blalock (Alan Rickman) with his medical research.

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8/1/2018 Emotional, fact-based drama of revolution and racism about a wealthy white surgeon and a poor black lab tech who work together to achieve a medical breakthrough. Alan Rickman, Mos Def. A True Story worthy of movie status. Not another Viet Nam bore-fest or boxer's tragic rhapsody or musician's clichéd biopic, SOMETHING THE LORD MADE addresses an aspect so embedded in our modern culture we take it for granted - the story of the first heart bypass surgeries. “Why cant you just be happy?”. THE LESSON FROM MOVIE "SOMETHING THE LORD MADE. When my husband told me he wanted this movie, I was reluctant. I assumed it would be sacrilegious, or a mockery of Christian beliefs. This is a documentary type movie that tells the story of heart surgery. "It feels like something the Lord made" is said once, to describe how well done a specific procedure had been done. Amazon: Something the Lord Made (DVD) Alan Rickman, Something the Lord Made is a 2004 American made-for-television biographical drama film about the black cardiac pioneer Vivien Thomas (1910–1985) and his complex and volatile partnership with white surgeon Alfred Blalock (1899–1964) the "Blue Baby doctor" who pioneered modern heart surgery. Like Something the Lord Made - Longform. Something the Lord Made (2004. Rotten Tomatoes, Something the Lord Made (TV Movie 2004. Directed by Joseph Sargent. With Alan Rickman, Yasiin Bey, Kyra Sedgwick, Gabrielle Union. A dramatization of the relationship between heart surgery pioneers Alfred Blalock and Vivien Thomas, Something the Lord Made recounts the relationship between Dr. Alfred Blalock (Alan Rickman) and Vivian Thomas (Mos Def. It begins in 1930s Nashville when imperious cardiac surgeon Blalock hires Thomas, an African American carpenter, as his janitor. Category Education; Song Riding With Benny-23728; Artist Max Harris, PRS; Album AVF115 Jazz Greats; Licensed to YouTube by AdRev for a 3rd Party (on behalf of Amphonic Music Ltd, PRS (Spirit.

I keep looking at this game and playing through with different classes, and I guess here are my opinions on the class system. Er. I mean the * gameplay* classes. I'll write one about the society at some other point, though other people have probably done far better than I have. I know some of these aren't exactly new takes since I'm not some pro, but I wanted to organize my own personal thoughts on everything all in one place. That way I add it to the sea of people who may feel the same way. We all know the circumstances under which Bran Stark became the King of six kingdoms in GoT season 8. We all had our laughs/tears at the illogical premise that a person can be King just because he has a good story to tell. However, this apparently meaningless turn of events could be the culmination of a very well planned political machination and sabotage by Tyrion that he set into motion since he joined Daenerys' service in Mereen as her hand. My theory is that Bran was made a King by Tyrion to.

Something the Lord Made (The1st Heart Surgeon. Watch Something the Lord Made, Prime Video, Something the Lord Made (TV Movie 2004. Full Cast & Crew. Something the Lord Made - Trailer, Something the Lord Made. Something the Lord Made (TV Movie 2004) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Produced for the premium cable network HBO, Something the Lord Made also features Gabrielle Union, Mary Stuart Masterson, and Charles S. Dutton. The true story of two medical pioneers. one. Like Something the Lord Made Vivien Thomas was paid a janitor's wage, never went to college, and still became a legend in the field of heart surgery. Emotional, fact-based drama of revolution and racism about a wealthy white surgeon and a poor black lab tech who work together to achieve a medical breakthrough. Alan Rickman, Mos Def.



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Heres something I made after raids were removed. If anyone is wondering its based off of Lord Hoods speech at the end of Halo 3. I just watched "Something the Lord Made (2004) about Vivien Thomas and Alfred Blaloch's work to cure blue-baby syndrome. The movie highlighted another doctor's negative opinion towards heart surgery. Later on the wikipedia page it mentioned Thomas "defying medical taboos against operating upon the heart. I couldn't find information specifically about this. Does anyone have any expertise in this area and could help answer my question. Favorite Films: Dogma, The Lion King, Something the Lord Made, The Harry Potter series, Into the Spiderverse, Good fellas, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, and Rebel Without a Cause Movies I Like to Rewatch But are not my Favorites: Sin City, Die Hard, Marvel & DC, Love Actually, Turner & Hooch, Blue Jasmine, Closet Land (Not the most technically sound film ever made but it really resonated with me on a personal level since I am product of emotional abuse.

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