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Published on January 3, 2020, 1:10 pm — Western






Dublin oldschool (2018. Dublin oldschool stream. That's deeply sad and deeply beautiful. His irish gravelly singing voice is amazing... i hope hes doing well. Ignore the few bad reviews... This movie had the feeling i lived my whole life... If you love trance/techno music... And the rave of the underground world... You'll love it... Even if you're not this type of music fan... This movie will touch you deeply due to its topic... A great movie for sure... And the soundtracks are like the cherry on top... Handpicked from fresh farm... Dublin oldschool 2018 subscene. Very good, weird how everyone on the bus is just ignoring him. Dublin oldschool soundtrack list. So. no one noticed the beautiful young lady 3 seats down? 😈👏😙.

Dazed and confused. Class.
I takes 40 seconds for people to get in the zone of the tune.


Someone give this guy a break... hes a GEM.
Wow av watched this loads it mint puts a smile on my face.

Everybody stopped talking for a sec when he said nobody move. Hey I'm Irish Ireland is awesome and it's a island. What are u people talking about? This guy is an amazing singer. You should be proud of him in dublin, not many ppl can sing from the soul like that.

Not going to lie but it's a great song. The last boy scout is soooo much fun. HAGAHAgha ' only on a dublin bus' Boii have you seen Cork lmao. He is in my school. Those tourists at the back talking over him. Joke, let the man sing. Very raw voice but extremely likable.





There is a guy with more talent than the majority of the talentless dross you see on MTV, writing and singing real and raw stuff. Yet he is the one on the street and Nikki Minaj lives in her mansion somehwere. This world eh. Get him in a recording studio now. Hope they didnt take his drugs away. Amazing voice 👍🏼. He is in my school.

Wow he's really good. Life would be a little brighter with a bit more of this going on. Not all the time, mind you... Awesome☺💚💐. This happens all the time in chile. People play on the bus and ask for donations. This is Dublin for Us ! Music is Our Life. Love this Video. Really Enjoyed it. The Guy is an Awesome Singer as well. Unique Voice. the People on the Bus are being Entertained on the Bus for free... Expect for the Price Fare of the Bus of course lol : D. Could have been a worse journey. Only the finest of music for us Dubliners. Dublin used to be great craic What happened to everyone. Le Reddit Armie has arrived! xD. Wanking is better than this. yes. I'm a wanker. Night link is the best. Great film.






Irish jails look good compared to US.
Epic. what a hero.
Dublin Oldschool.
More Dublin story's with no real story. Old Story.
Poxy... cringe... gay... bent... bumhole... fartbox of a movie.

Someone give this guy a break... hes a GEM. Where can this be watched now. Stunning well done xx. Like every bus i have been on of course i am simon Cowell sorry simon cowells gardener lol.


Whose the guy singing he's got good voice.